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Hilary and Trump will be against the election TV debate how the winner – Sohu news local time on September 25th, the United States of New York, Hof Stella university is the first arrangement presidential election TV debate of the venue, the students play the roles of Hilary and Trump’s image in rehearsal. 26 evening local time, the U.S. presidential election debate is about to debut. There are more than a month before the election, Hilary and Trump these two candidates support be roughly the same rate. In such a white hot competition, the U.S. media will be defined as the decisive moment of this debate. The election debate, in which each link in the way, and will affect the final election results in a large extent? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Hilary and Trump? Who will be the winner of the debate between the two of them? Issue consultation announced in advance involving economic, security and development of the east coast of the United States time on the night of September 26th 9:00 to 10:35, the U.S. presidential election debate will be staged in the New York State University Hof Stella, a news anchor in Leicester? Holt chaired the topic involving the direction of development, and achieve economic prosperity and national security in 3 areas. The TV debate of the main issues are set well in advance, the candidates are carefully prepared, have a professional team responsible for guiding the candidates to practice, to find someone to play each other for the rehearsal." American Academy of Social Sciences researcher Diao Daming, assistant to the Beijing News reporter said. The debate is set by the Commission on presidential debates, the Council is a nonprofit organization, the democratic and Republican parties together as a responsible person, all since 1988 is responsible for the arrangement of TV debate of the time and place of the content and the methods and contents of the host. "The committee is a coordinating organization that wants to communicate between the two parties and the two candidates, rather than making a unilateral decision, so that the debate is to be accepted by all two candidates." Diao Daming said. The debate hidden mystery fear bad fat dwarf candidates do not underestimate the details of setting up, these will have an impact on the debate, Diao Daming: for example, the debate is divided into the debate, vertical type, station roundtable meeting members of the public, the effects are not the same. People sit on chairs meeting to take the debate, the more fat or low adverse candidates. The debate in 1992, as the third party candidate Ross Perot? Rare into the debate, and in the first game against Clinton and bush. However, people take meeting in second, the figure is not high Perot at a disadvantage, severely affected state. "This debate will produce solidifica rather than reverse effect, help voters more clearly understand the candidates of the two parties in the issues on the basic concept, consolidate the candidate plate, namely supporters, they will be more support for their candidate." Diao Daming pointed out. Hilary vs Trump easily prepare for the rehearsal simulation in view of this, how to make high level candidates in the debate is the core issue to play the campaign. Not only do they have to debate the issue, but also other key details. Diao Daming said that the practice is very heavy maple相关的主题文章:

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