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The high cost of moon cake box can only sell scrap for public feeling pity by Beijing, the high cost of moon cake box can only sell scrap recycling manufacturers refused to adhere to an annual update for the public feeling pity just after mid autumn festival, the community near the trash, trash bag gift box moon cake mounds. It is understood that the cost price of moon cake packaging boxes are more than 10 yuan, more than 20 yuan of metal materials, but moon cake manufacturers do not recycle old packaging, and even did not sell the packaging will not stay. Only a few shopping malls in order to promote environmental protection, in the mid autumn festival every year before and after the moon cake packaging box for small gifts. Some people appeal that the moon cake packaging can be recycled. The moon cake box filled with garbage after the Mid Autumn Festival, almost every household will be discarded several moon cake box, the public Ms. Wu is the breath away four boxes, including a tin box. "When the box, throw a pity, but the family left a few in previous years have been enough, this thing if there is a good place for recycling". Beijing Morning Post reporter found that although there are people the "luxury" moon cake box into a simple sewing box, storage box, but most is thrown away, although regrettable, but no recovery". In Xiaoguan Beili a recycling point, more than a dozen packing box crushed together. According to the boss of the recovery point, which is more readily picked up him, do not look at this paper box material is good, look good, but only when the sale of waste paper. There are also some boxes look very strong and heavy, with a wooden material inside, but not worth the money". In fact, in order to save resources and protect the ecological environment, our country promulgated the "Interim Measures for the administration of the recycling of packaging resources" in 1999, which encourages the recycling and reuse of packaging materials. Among them, there are clear guidelines and regulations on the recovery methods, recycling channels, recycling classification, recovery units, recycling and reuse methods. Like the moon cake box packaging materials, can be recycled. But the Beijing morning news reporter in a supermarket asked five or six moon cake manufacturers salesman, have been told that there is no recycling box initiatives. A moon cake manufacturers revealed that in recent years, a lot of simplified moon cake packaging, but the cost of each moon cake box is at least 10 yuan, more than $20 luxury edition. However, manufacturers do not intend to recycle, recycling costs are high". Beijing daoxiaochun company staff said that the annual production capacity of moon cake gift boxes will be based on an annual sales volume of strict control, try not to waste inventory, "annual packing will be updated, re design, so it is difficult to use the remaining packaging. In an interview with reporters found that some businesses launched a recycling moon cake gift activities. Service station staff of new world department store in Wangjing said, no matter what the moon cake box material, as long as the intact you can exchange for a small gift, "this event is to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection, reduce waste". Beijing morning news reporter Zhang Jingshu clues: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章:

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