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Her parents sued for 58 thousand gift money to pay tuition – Beijing won the mediation college entrance examination this year, 18 year old Kunming girl Xiaowen (a pseudonym) admitted to a university in Kunming, but Xiaowen parents divorced, because the disputes accumulated for many years, parents who do not want to tit for tat small Wen this money, this let Xiaowen in a dilemma. In desperation, Xiaowen Yizhisuzhuangjiang Anning City People’s court to parents, for 58 thousand yuan gift money to pay tuition. This newspaper reported that in August 30th the results of yesterday: in Anning City Court judge’s efforts, the case by mediation, Xiaowen father and mother were paid 800 yuan per month, Xiaowen 700 yuan tuition and living expenses, until Xiaowen graduated from university. "I hope the parents 58 thousand yuan gift money back to me" Xiaowen grandma said that in 2010, because of emotional discord, Xiaowen parents are divorced. The two sides after the divorce, Xiaowen had respectively with father and mother lived together, until 2013, the court Xiaowen by their mother, father bear child support until the age of 18. During high school, Xiaowen has been living with their mother. In June this year, after the end of the entrance, Xiaowen to grandma’s house. In mid August, Xiaowen received a university admission notice. However, in the face of tuition, Xiaowen worry — parents have been divorced for many years, but in order to marital property division, custody and other things, two times on the court, the two sides are now very incompatible. Xiaowen told the parents the news was admitted to the University, hope they can help, because of years of family disputes, they who do not want to afford the tuition, which makes Xiaowen in a dilemma. In desperation, Xiaowen to Anning City Court, filed a petition to the court, ask the parents to relatives and friends over the years to give 58 thousand yuan own gift money to her, let her pay tuition. "Several unsuccessful negotiations, I will temporarily, and no economic income. I hope the court supports my claim, and I thank my parents for their upbringing." Xiaowen said in the complaint. In September this year, grandma in funding, Xiaowen report to the school entrance, started the university life, but only temporarily shelved, her future tuition and living expenses have not been available. "Such disputes through mediation is the best" yesterday afternoon, the case in Anning City People’s court. Because the school Xiaowen grandma, commissioned as a legal representative to appear in court. According to reports, the "hope for Xiaowen parents to 58 thousand yuan to take custody of the gift money to her tuition claims, Xiaowen’s father said, divorce, his ex-wife and their keeping Xiaowen half of the gift money, he is willing to give her daughter, but I hope both sides can give a daughter. Xiaowen mother believes that Xiaowen does have a gift money, but the money has been from Xiaowen father all responsible for the custody, not in her hand. The face of this special family dispute case, the judge mediation between the parties, to talk about children’s harm to the conflict between parents’ divorce process, especially Xiaowen parents after divorce her daughter is also involved in the dispute, greater harm to her. She mentioned her daughter.相关的主题文章:

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