Her husband and wife for his wife and children to copy each other posing as unspoken rules soojin

Husband for his wife and children to marry his wife posing as the other post is said to be hidden rules original title: some people claiming to be a male boss unspoken rules? Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Shen Xi Wang Guozhu) to name his wife female colleagues, in the online posting said, "he’s been having an affair with the male boss", a Jingjiang man move to his wife, his wife has to "avenge" female colleagues. Reporters learned yesterday from the Jingjiang police, the man was detained for defamation. Zhang and white in a unit with the same department, two people are colleagues, a lot of time there is a competitive relationship. Because the Department boss to appreciate a white, white often get more recognition of the boss, which makes Zhang’s heart is very unhappy, often go home and her husband Huang complained. Zhang felt was not under the leadership of reception, mainly because of "white one and the ambiguous relationship between the boss". Some time ago, Zhang came home and began to complain. Under Huang asked that Zhang units began to engage in competition, Zhang think white one could win "". Huang after listening, promised to help his wife to export gas, a white color to see see. Before long, an online real name issued by a white post caused a great disturbance. The net posts, the white one tearful complaint department boss, the boss said using their authority, not only pocketed, also with female subordinate improper relationship between men and women, he is one of the victims. This post is not to swallow, to expose the evil boss. The Post issued on the same day, it was reproduced in a number of forums, the white one where the unit quickly spread. The same day, feeling the pressure of two people went to Jingjiang local police station alarm. The first time the police investigation, and quickly locked the suspect hwang. Hwang has been detained by the police according to law administrative detention. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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