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Hefei proposed new network management approach introduced to eliminate the "temporary" scapegoat phenomenon in an online news according to the Anhui daily news, the administrative law enforcement is a problem, want "temporary" basically impossible to fall back on. Reporter learned from the Legislative Affairs Office of Hefei municipal government was informed that the "Hefei city administrative law enforcement auxiliary personnel management approach (Draft)" is the comment period, the administrative law enforcement personnel shall not engage in clear administrative law enforcement activities. At the same time, auxiliary personnel rights will also be better protected. Its functions are protected by law and relevant legal consequences borne by the administrative law enforcement organs. The police must have a college degree or above what is "administrative law enforcement personnel"? "Approach (Draft)" clear, "administrative law enforcement personnel" refers to the administrative law enforcement organs for administrative law enforcement work need to hire, or the administrative organ and the third party personnel management unit reached by agreement, by the third party personnel management units and dispatch in administrative organs use, in direct management, administrative law enforcement organs command and under the supervision of administrative law enforcement personnel assistant duties. In our province, many fields of administrative law enforcement, administrative law enforcement personnel have assisted in the work, people often see is the administrative law enforcement personnel, public security inspectors, transportation and other areas, including the police, auxiliary police etc.. According to the "measures" (Draft), to become administrative support staff in addition to eighteen years of age, good moral conduct, no criminal record, has to meet the requirements of the ability and conditions, but also required to have a college degree or above. At the same time, when the auxiliary personnel are employed, the administrative law enforcement organs shall also organize them to participate in the training of post business skills to meet the requirements of the posts. Assistant personnel can assist the investigation reporter learned that our province from 2014 onwards strictly administrative law enforcement personnel management, requires all administrative law enforcement personnel certificates, does not allow any hire temporary contract workers "phenomenon. Hefei City, the more clearly the auxiliary personnel to perform their duties, including the publicity of laws and regulations, to stop, for violations of administrative law enforcement to dissuade can maintain order at the scene, to assist in the investigation of evidence, or to assist in the supervision of the relative correct illegal behavior. "Approach (Draft)" once again stressed the "administrative law enforcement support personnel prohibited acts, including administrative law enforcement activities shall not engage in or assist in administrative law enforcement activities beyond the scope of duties, not the use of violence or threat of violence as a means of disposal of disputes, otherwise you may have to accept the punishment, revoked or termination of labor the contract, and was transferred to judicial organs. Their mistakes since the use of administrative law enforcement responsibility administrative support staff, administrative law enforcement organs should not only strict management, but also the future of its performance and behavior of legal responsibility. "Approach (Draft)" clear, auxiliary personnel responsible for the management of the administrative law enforcement organs in accordance with the "who use, who management" principle, auxiliary personnel will be in training participating in the organization after pass the exam to get the "Hefei city" auxiliary administrative law enforcement certificate to posts, valid for 5 years, will be tested every year. If you receive an administrative law enforcement assistant.相关的主题文章:

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