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Hebei Zunhua TV public politics of 127 people by the party and government discipline (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Tangshan, September 13 (Baiyun water Wu Bao) 13, Hebei Province, Zunhua city held a discussion style? Face to face "public politics of politics, political units of" top leaders "sitting in the studio television, accept the local NPC deputies and CPPCC members, supervisors style questions, and in the form of television under the supervision of the masses. In the activity, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, supervisors and other sharp questions, life style. As a political unit of the "top leaders" or competent comrades, in front of city leaders, colleagues, clients and the masses off the face, flushed out of the sweat, it is realized that the "duty" is a long way to go, in answer to the specific problems, puts forward the preliminary rectification opinions. The approval hall like transmitting and receiving stations, enterprises run back and forth road; some cadres are the "official standard" habits, approval of a pen, lest the signature power loss; the black box operation, you can spend some money through the driver physical examination, harm to others; damaged by dredging injuries, checkpoints bayonet uncontrollable, illegal sand mining will be a stirring among the dry bones…… According to the Deputy Secretary of Zunhua Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision bureau director Zhou Dejun introduction, from June this year, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission third party agency, with nearly 3 months, the situation of public security, land, housing, transportation, market supervision and management departments, part of the work style of cadres working efficiency and quality of service conducted a thorough investigation in the form of feature films, put out the extracorporeal circulation, "five days" and "do that" distance, the formality of the checkpoints involves optimizing the environment and people’s livelihood and the development of five aspects of key issues, from government departments, enterprises and the masses of the three party in the consultation, to discuss the countermeasure. The picture shows the Hebei Zunhua television public affairs activities. Photo by Zhou Hongwu "this" people Examiner "TV test is a useful attempt to optimize the development environment, improvement of work style of cadres." Zhou Dejun said that the TV politics politics as to further optimize the development environment remediation work style of cadres of the entrance, to rectify the style of drama will be continued in each unit. City Commission for Discipline Inspection, public security, procuratorate and other units will also be found in violation of law and discipline personnel strictly according to law. It is reported that the city of Zunhua from the beginning of the year has started for violations of public television exposure, the cumulative broadcast discipline inspection notification, discipline rectification tracking bulletin 21 times; online approval informed the case 6 times; Party members and cadres of discipline bulletin 25 typical cases; "accountability eight clean-up" 11 times the Monthly Bulletin; the 6 time difference window notification…… It has the main responsibility for honest government accountability ineffective implementation of the number one 25, 127 party and government discipline. (end)相关的主题文章:

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