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Harlem Yu Na Ying started crying God layout million Neda tune " " Na Ying and Harlem Yu in the controversial dazuizhang Na Ying group and Harlem Yu group fighting each other million Neda "out of tune" controversial Sina entertainment news on Friday, "the new song" in Na Ying Chinese [micro-blog] group and Harlem Yu group by division of the final breakthrough the students will qualify for the top 12 selection, successfully reached the nest sprint night. Harlem Yu and Na Ying in the "battle of wits douyong mentor will link, two people not only frequently Dazui Zhang, also playing the psychological warfare. In the program, Harlem Yu incarnation of the hard nosed occupied the initiative, whereupon Na Ying in disarray, even in the battle of Neda million ace student also play out, in animal habitat. Harlem Yu Paibingbuzhen Na Ying: hard to seize the initiative in the field of tutor in the finals, in addition to the students singing, facing the opponent and the order of appearance are important factors affecting the players can qualify, it makes feel the pressure mentor will be in session, to make a lot of effort. In the field of psychological warfare in the link, Harlem Yu appears to be a stroke above. Not only do the homework, students will study all opponents again, Na Ying played well in order, also prepared to deal with two or three different schemes and. So painstakingly Paibingbuzhen, to the side of the Na Ying call "this too hard". In desperation, Na Ying found himself at the scene stealing glances at Harlem Yu, Harlem Yu was attracted "you are looking at my complaint". In fact, the Na Ying team qualified students, Yang Bo, Li Peiling, Wang Chenrui and Su Lisheng are to sing love songs, although the same with mentor Na Ying, but the whole team structure is relatively simple, so that Na Ying do not have much space to play in the layout. Compared to the Na Ying clan, Harlem Yu group of students a variety of styles, each one has its own merits. Not only "China Rihanna" said the tenor player Yang Meina, and the Divine Comedy adaptation of small expert Yao Xi, weird Zhao Xiaoxi is praised "replica of Harlem Yu", which makes Harlem Yu will seize the initiative in time. On the one hand, Na Ying sent here no matter who, basically hide love song concert, on the other hand, the diversity of the Harlem Yu group of students, but also let him more than a few heavy odds. 000 Neda "out of tune" controversial although the Na Ying clan flagship song card, but appeared to break the pattern of Neda Wan, become Na Ying hand rare trump card, is also the season song sound for the highest champion. However, in this crucial match, 000 Neda was to maintain a consistent level. The first is her appearance shape was Tucao "dress and singing styles do not take", then, critics also give good advice, Vaneda pointed out that in this match arrangement problems, that she has the deviation in the RAP rhythm. Though critics have pointed out the problem of mixed connection on vocals, which makes 000 able to qualify as a Neda suspense. It is worth mentioning that, 000 Neda sings the song arranger is her masterpiece, in this regard, Na Ying hurried up playing rounders, said in the arrangement should have their own insist, don’t be brainwashed. Na Ying eager disciple frequently vocal critics, but Neda Wan, whether buy let million Neda smooth cut)相关的主题文章:

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