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Hanks Portman into a Hollywood film award after Emperor Li award-winning documentary – Sohu Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman were awarded Hollywood entertainment movie awards documentary empress Xiao Li won the best documentary award [Click to enter the HD Photo] (source: time network) local time the evening of November 6th, the Twentieth Annual Hollywood film awards ceremony held in Losangeles, was opened the prelude for this year’s awards after Hollywood. The Hollywood is also a large coffee star, Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman respectively with "Captain Sally" and the "first lady" winning actress, best director award by Mel Gibson on the war film "hacksaw Ling" won the battle. Leonardo, who has been committed to the cause of environmental protection, has also won the best documentary award for the National Geographic documentary "before the flood", along with the director, Fisher, and Mr. Stephen, with the help of the director of the film, and the director of the film, "the flood of water", which is the best documentary award of the year, and the director of the film, the director, and the director of the film, "the flood". Clint – Eastwood, Susan – Sarandon, Andrew – Garfield, Kate Hodson, Jonah Hill, Anna Kendrick, Julianne Moore, Affleck, Geoffrey – Katzenberg Casey – industry gurus also appeared on the night of the awards ceremony to help out. [list] Hollywood film award winning Hollywood career achievement award: Addie – Murphy Hollywood Award for best actor: Tom Hanks – "Captain Sally" Hollywood Award for Best Supporting Actor: Hugh Grant "out of tune" days Hollywood Award for Best Actress: Natalie Portman – the "first lady" Hollywood Award for Best Supporting Actress: Nicole – Kidman "the" Hollywood comedy award: Robert – Deniro "comedian" Hollywood actress Naomi Harris: Breakthrough Award: Hollywood starlet Lili Corinth "break" the Hollywood spotlight Award: Chanel – "hidden characters" Hollywood dream Nye group Drama Award: Matthew – Mcconaughey, Edgar – Ramirez, Bryce – Dallas – Howard, Stacey – keesee "gold" Hollywood Award for best song: Justin Timblerlake – "the wizard" Hollywood Best Documentary Award: Fisher – Stephen, Leonardo – Dicaprio, "the flood" before the Hollywood Award for best director Mel Gibson ("hacksaw" bloody ridge) of Hollywood’s most breakthrough Director Award: Tom Ford ("nocturnal animal") of Hollywood’s best large award: "Hollywood fantasy forest" the best production Award: Mark – Platt city "," Philharmonic "Billy – Lynn’s midfield," war "the girl on the train" Hollywood Award for Best Screenplay: Kenneth Lonergan "seaside Manchester" Hollywood Best Animation Award: "crazy animal city" of Hollywood’s best visual effects award "strange": Dr. Hollywood’s best costume design award: "Break the rules" of Hollywood’s best art direction: "hidden characters" of Hollywood’s best makeup and Hair Design Award: "bloody hacksaw Ling" best sound award: "Hollywood fantasy forest" Hollywood Best Editing Award: "bloody hacksaw Ling" Hollywood "相关的主题文章:

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