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Hangzhou qianjiangchao Xiasha tide someone too much off the mobile phone someone left the children (Figure) Hangzhou Xiasha qianjiangchao tide someone off too much mobile phone someone left the children every year in the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the largest Qiantang River. Yesterday afternoon, many citizens and tourists rushed to the tide of the year, more than two hours ahead of the beach in Hangzhou waiting. The reporter saw in the vicinity of No. 6 road and River Road intersection, the tidal bore in the river extending into a few hundred meters long color landscape. More than 500 security personnel guarding the safety of station in Landsea international block on the opposite side of the tide, in a moment, you see the tide appeared in Jiangdong Bridge near far, showing a white line. The reporter looked at the cell phone, 1:30, half an hour earlier than the previous day’s tide forecast. This time the tide, the reporter followed the Alamo street patrol captain Sun Xiaobo came. He said that since September 16th, the patrol brigade has mobilized more than 70 people for tide patrol, will continue until the end of September 20th. Before and after the tide, every 100 meters there will be a member of the team on duty. The development zone has dispatched more than 500 security personnel to maintain safety of tide. Most people are civilized tide waves near, you can see the white waves dancing merrily in the forefront. Many people raised their cell phones and cameras and wanted to shoot the whole process. And security officials were not interested in enjoying the beauty. One of the eldest brother himself standing position is not good, just one foot on the barrier of the dam, one hand holding the protective net, one hand with a mobile phone shot up. "Uncle, uncle, quick down, above insecurity."." A woman patrol far see, step forward to dissuade, a police also came over. After patiently discouraged, the eldest haired man climbed down. Sun Xiaobo said to me, these days the tide the security situation is relatively good, most people more civilized. Some people have forgotten the child off the mobile phone Sun Xiaobo would like to remind you this, don’t be too "focused" tide, should pay attention to their own property and the safety of relatives and friends. These two days, two people have been held in the tide when the mobile phone camera, mobile phone will get dropped under embankment. After the patrol found, stopped the owner of the lower bank pick up the phone. Such as tide over, they carefully help the owner to retrieve the underground banks, mobile phone. Once, a mother watching the tide is too serious, and so the tide receded, only to find the 7 year old children disappeared, anxious like ants on the hot pan. Later, they patrol for half an hour, found the child in a few hundred meters away in the park, near misses. Yesterday, at the scene, Sun Xiaobo breathed a sigh of relief. "There were so many people who thought there were going to be tides today, but they were actually good, so there was less chance of congestion." The tide moved westward in front of everyone, and the crowd began to retreat. Alamo street patrol said, they and the police will be on the dam for another hour, to ensure that the tide is safe to leave all.

杭州下沙钱江潮观潮太投入 有人掉手机有人忘孩子(图) 杭州下沙钱江潮观潮太投入 有人掉手机有人忘孩子   每年农历八月十八,钱塘江的潮水最大。   昨天下午,许多市民和游客冲着这年度最大潮,提前两个多小时在杭州下沙的江边等候。   记者在6号路和之江路交叉口附近看到,观潮者在江边延成了一条几百米长的彩色风景线。   五百多安保人员守护群众安全   站在朗诗国际街区对面的观潮点,不一会儿,就看到潮水在江东大桥附近出现了,远远的,呈现一条白线。记者看了下手机,1点半,比前一天的潮汐预报提早了半小时。   这次看潮,记者是跟着白杨街道巡防大队长孙晓波来的。他说,9月16日开始,巡防大队已经调集了70多人进行喊潮巡防,将持续到9月20日结束。在潮水来临前后,每隔100米都会有一名队员执勤。整个开发区共出动了500多名安保人员维护观潮安全。   大部分观潮人很文明   潮水近了,可以看到白色的浪花在潮头欢快地跳舞。很多人举起了手机和照相机,想拍下整个过程。而安保人员们却没有心思来欣赏美景。   一位老大伯嫌自己站的位置取景不好,就一脚踩在堤坝的护栏上,一手抓着防护网,一手用手机拍了起来。   “大伯,大伯,快下来,上面不安全。”一位女巡防远远看到,加紧脚步过来劝阻,一位民警也走了过来。经耐心劝阻,白发苍苍的老大爷才爬了下来。   孙晓波对我说,这几天观潮安保情况还是比较好的,大部分人比较文明。   有人掉手机有人忘孩子   孙晓波希望通过本报提醒大家,观潮时不要太“专心”,要注意自身财物和身边亲友的安全。这两天,已经有两个人在观潮时举手机拍照,脱手将手机掉到了堤坝下。   巡防们发现后,制止了失主下堤捡手机。等潮水过了,他们小心翼翼地下堤,帮失主捡回了手机。   有一次,一位妈妈看潮太认真,等潮水退去,才发现7岁孩子不见了,急得像热锅上的蚂蚁。后来,巡防们找了半个小时,在几百米开外的公园里找到了孩子,有惊无险。   昨天,在现场,孙晓波松了一口气。“原以为今天看潮的人会非常多,但实际上还算好,这样发生拥堵的可能性就少了。”   潮水在大家面前向西行远,人群也开始撤退。   白杨街道的巡防说,他们和民警还要在堤坝上再执勤一小时,确保看潮者全部安全离开。相关的主题文章:

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