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Half – Ramon small angle shot meritorious 1-0 lead Suning both sides Greentown home court game sina sports news on September 25th, the 2016 Super League season to start the twenty-sixth round of the competition, Hangzhou Greentown home court against Jiangsu suning. Thirty-third minutes, Ramon broke into the green city to break the deadlock, the first half of the city of 1-0 Su Su Su ning. Super League in the first 25 games, Hangzhou Greentown just got the 7 wins, 5 draws and 13 negative record of the bottom of the League ranked the bottom of the score of third. In the 3 round of the league, Greentown state is very bad, they draw Hengda away, and Hong Kong, Liaozu match in a row, just got a 1 flat 2 negative results. Greentown home 12 games this season, a total of 5 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses to get a score of 18, ranked in the super home standings standings of the eleventh. In this game, the concession joined Greentown Suning old Samir will not be avoided in terms of limitations, so he will face his former club in the game. In the top 25 games, Jiangsu Suning won a total of 15 wins, 5 draws and 5 negative results of the League ranked the top second. Suning has made nearly 4 league matches, they were defeated, and Yongchang Yatai Guoan, TEDA, so their recent state and Greentown on the contrary. Due to the current round of the league in Hong Kong and Shanghai Hengda’s goalless draw drew a tie, Suning is currently in the case of a game just 7 points behind hengda. In the starting lineup, Su Ning Samir will be the first to serve as captain of the green city, Su Ning, Martinez and join hands to fight in the battle for the future of the game, the team will be the first team to start the game. After the game, Suning team led the attack, fifth minutes, Suning launched an offensive, Jiaxiang swimming Xiezhuan area, Martinez back after stopping barb directly hit the door, the ball column on the left side. After 2 minutes, Greentown peripheral continuous attack, gabbioneta left the restricted area, directly to the bottom line. Ninth minutes, Greentown midfield steals Martinez, Samir to Luo Jing, Luo Jing directly hit the road to look up long-range, the ball wide of the right line. Tenth minutes, Ji Xiang right down, outside the area directly from the left foot hit the door, the ball is grasped by Zou Dehai. Then Greentown manufacturing threat, gabbioneta left the restricted area after the break the bottom line cross, the ball was back against the players to block the sideline. Thirteenth minutes, Sainz Bree attacking third foul, Greentown get left the ball, gabbioneta arbitrary ball Road, just hung out of the restricted area, peripheral Samir biography, Ramon header crossbar. As the game, home court sits Hangzhou Greentown continue to put pressure on fifteenth minutes, Suning, Greentown hit back, gabbioneta pass in the left front Lamengmen header high. Nineteenth minutes, Martinez left the ball to knock, Teixeira keep up with the adjustment of shot, the ball was Chen Xiaotou the ball out of the restricted area. Then the music back, gabbioneta left the restricted area shot, the ball was hit with Gu chao. Twentieth minutes, Martinez ball down the edge of the area, Suning acquired good position placement Xie Pengfei free kick, Zou Dehai put the ball around. Thirty-third minutes, the first to break the deadlock in Greentown, Greentown outside the area to send Zhise, Ramon restricted the right to get rid of Bree Sainz defense, small angle free from Suning, Greentown 1-0. Ramon break相关的主题文章:

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