Guangzhou banks have to apply for mortgage loans due to rumors of the purchase will be upgraded – So-punyu

Guangzhou bank mortgage applications for expediting rumored purchase will upgrade the Sohu news the central bank recently convened 5 large state-owned banks and 12 joint-stock commercial bank housing credit bank held a meeting, the central bank requires commercial banks to the rational treatment of the property market, strengthen the management of the housing credit, control related loan risk. On the real estate market regulation and control policies introduced intensive, so that some banks are nervous, made a radical reaction". Today morning, the "First Financial Daily" exclusive was informed that Guangzhou has received notice today, the bank mortgage intermediary, mortgage intermediary requirements before three pm today, will be more than 144 square residential customers of the mortgage application data submitted to the bank, gf in 3 after stop acquiring, the reason is the rumour or Guangzhou at the end of the week will be 144 square above the first suite Shoufu ratio from 3 to 7 increase. Today morning, the news was spread in Guangzhou bank mortgage intermediary circle is very wide, a number of bank loan department have received customer or mortgage intermediary advisory telephone, some bank loan person is more tense, doubts the policy is the Guangdong Development Bank mortgage policy adjustment, or based on the geographical advantages from the Guangdong Development Bank headquarters regulators or government departments related to hear the wind, and pre emptive. In this regard, the reporter called a number of customers to the bank mortgage manager. Among them, a branch of Guangdong Development Bank mortgage customers manager said, the bank Guangzhou branch did this morning issued a new policy, he said, the wind that Guangzhou or at the end of the week will be more than 144 square house Shoufu ratio will be increased to 7 from 3, regardless of the customer before a house is closed mortgage. If loan demand is urgent, within today needs to be reported to the relevant information, "first in a pit, the weekend if there is policy adjustment is not affected. But Ping An Bank, China Everbright Bank and ICBC internal business relevant responsible person clearly said in the newspaper, and did not hear such a notice, the current line of more than 144 square house Shoufu no change, if there is the introduction of the new policy, and strictly according to the execution. But after this check, the bank learned from reliable sources, Guangdong Development Bank Guangzhou branch of the move, in fact, is the Guangzhou branch of the bank loan department official requirements for loans business sector within the WeChat group to accelerate the finishing of the mortgage business, about a million policy change, and there is no clear requirements today at three p.m. before reporting the data to the branch. However, to the following branches, or on the mortgage intermediary has a time point requirements. Another branch of Guangdong Development Bank loans account manager also told this newspaper that, hear the wind, 144 above the proportion of loans Shoufu two days this policy may change Guangzhou branch this afternoon will report to branch customer data before 2. "Guangzhou, I think the introduction of this policy is unlikely, because Guangzhou did not like Shenzhen housing prices skyrocketing, barely rose during the national day, Guangzhou prices relatively stable, customers are very rational, I hand customers are selling a buy one, the introduction of this policy is not needed." Above a bank official told this newspaper. This person is right.相关的主题文章:

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