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Guangdong Media: a super hit heavily AFC Champions League thoroughfare football is a team sport sports Sohu – Nandu news reporter Feng Zhen AFC Champions League League 1/4 finals of the Super League is no miracle. Last night, Shandong Luneng in the advanced ball and dominated the scene situation loses the Bureau, eventually Seoul 1 to 1 tie, and two round with a total score of 2 to 4 was eliminated, the super team missed this season AFC Champions League four. The two little league K investment team join the East finals. Luneng in the first leg away than 1 3 defeat of the case back to the home court need to play 2 to 0 score to reverse the cut, Monti slightly Luneng goal was to see hope. Luneng almost suppressed opponents, creating a lot of opportunities, a change in the past when the Asian team in the face of the weak image of the Korean team. Although the final stage was equalised quite helpless, but this game Luneng worthy of respect. This season AFC Champions League Winter League, the largest Guangzhou Hengda new window and Jiangsu Suning in the group phase out, the Hong Kong Shanghai and Shandong Luneng advanced to the quarterfinals, but Hong Kong away than 0 5 defeat to the north of modern stop. Compared with Hong Kong humiliating defeat, Luneng is lost, out of regret, but from the two round of the overall performance, Luneng Seoul was eliminated as a normal result. Crazy for the 2016 season, the super 4 team to battle AFC Champions League team have spent heavily to introduce Ramirez, J, Teixeira, Ma, Paley, etc. if Hulk world class players, let the whole of Asia but could not look askance, invested in the Asian arena immediate. Football is a team project, depending on the strength of the entire football training system, local position and can not play a decisive role in strengthening. The 2017 season of Super League AFC Champions League, number of at least 2+2, even 3+ 1, the final plan needs to determine the end of. From the current situation of integration and promotion of the Super League and the FA Cup, Guangzhou Hengda and Jiangsu Suning almost can lock the next season AFC Champions League qualification, the other two places of suspense. Shanghai port, Shanghai Shenhua, China happiness even killed four FA Cup and hope to qualify for the finals of the Guangzhou R & F are hoping to get the qualification for next season AFC Champions League.相关的主题文章:

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