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Google’s new VR glasses can beat Samsung’s GearVR? Tencent digital news (compile: Hamish) although the media has been advocating virtual reality technology revolution is coming, but in fact, ordinary consumers are still very unfamiliar with these technologies. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head mounted equipment is expensive, but also need to run the computer collocation a strong performance; at the same time, there are some so-called "entry-level" virtual reality equipment only mobile phone collocation can use, but the performance is difficult to determine their immersive user experience really bring. Samsung Gear VR is the product between a range before the day before Google released Daydream View just for the middle market. As Google has just released Pixel and Pexel XL two phones, Daydream View will also become a strong opponent in the virtual reality market Gear VR, let us take a closer look at these two products. Design Google said, Daydream View is one of the biggest features of comfort". After the market most virtual reality devices are made of plastic and rubber, not only the appearance of abrupt, and wear uncomfortable. In this regard, Google design concept to design clothing Daydream View. This product is made of soft, lightweight fabrics (Google did not announce the specific material), the mask part supports the removal and cleaning. In contrast, the surface of the Gear VR is a plastic blasting material, the mask is lined with rubber material. Two models are available to support the use of glasses users. Daydream View is designed to be "comfortable" and "easy to use"". From this design concept, Daydream View no cable connection. The user only needs to slide the card in the handset in the equipment, fasten the button, the handset and the equipment can connect through the wireless way. The Gear VR users need to connect the phone and the device through the micro-USB interface to use. In the operation of the device, Google once again used a different idea. Daydream View with a simple design, with two buttons controller. The controller is equipped with a body sensor, so the user can manipulate the target and navigation menu. Gear VR is equipped with a key with the direction of the key and the touch pad, the touchpad supports third party controller, but because of the lack of uniform standards, many virtual reality operation can not be completed with the third party controller. Performance because Google has not yet released Daydream View monitor configuration, so we can not compare the resolution and refresh rate of two screens. Ultimately, these configurations will be related to the phone configuration. Google Pixel has a 1080p screen, Pixel XL has a 1440p screen. Currently fit Daydream View phone only Pixel and Pixel XL two, but Google said the future of this device will support more mobile phones. On the other hand, Gear VR supports Samsung s相关的主题文章:

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