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Google lunar X Grand Prix deadline has nearly $20 million in bonuses fear fall Google lunar rover HAKUTO Design Contest in Japan, looking a bit of high-end X plan according to the moon, if no one to reach the goal, the bonus will be cut or even cancelled space Tencent news according to foreign media reports, in September 27th, Google (micro-blog) said the operation mechanism of lunar X the Grand Prix, they are not ready to postpone the upcoming launch contract certification deadline. Even now most of the teams have to catch up with the danger. The team needs to send the lunar rover to the moon, walk at least 500 meters and return live video and other data. The first team to win the team will win the game and get a $20 million bonus. If the team wants to stay in the game, then they have to launch the contract by the end of this year to get the X foundation certification. The Grand Prix itself is at the end of 2017. In a speech at the International Space Conference, Andrew, the technical director of the foundation, said that only 3 of the 16 teams still in the game had a foundation certified launch contract, which is still in the game’s Barton. One of the two teams, SpaceIL and Moon Express, was approved last year. In August 30th of this year, Synergy Moon became the third team to launch the contract awarded the foundation certification. The team plans to launch their lunar rover with the Mojave 8. The California based company itself is part of the team. The rocket is still under development, the company has yet to launch any rockets into space. Barton said several other teams are working to launch the contract. Indus team is working with the India space research organization to discuss the use of Polaris satellite launch vehicle to the moon on the moon. The two sides are negotiating the contract. A member of the Astrobotic is located in the Pittsburgh team. They are discussing the contract with SpaceX. Barton said the team hoped to use the Falcon 9 rocket launch lunar rover, is nearing the end of the negotiations. In addition to launching their own lander and lunar rover, the Rockets will also bring the Hakuto team from Japan and the AngelicvM team from chile. These teams, as well as other teams who want to continue to play, must be in the end of this year before the launch of their contract to the X foundation certification. Barton stressed that certification is not simply to submit the plan to the foundation, the completion of the certification deadline is in December 31st of this year. Google lunar X Grand Prix beginning in 2007 has repeatedly delayed the deadline of the award. According to the original plan, by the end of 2012 no one reached the goal, the bonus will be reduced from $15 million to $20 million, if not until 2014 to achieve the goal, the bonus will be directly canceled. Later, the organizing committee changed the rules, canceled the reduction in bonuses and postponed the deadline to 2017. Although there is相关的主题文章:

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