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Google join in the fun! Chromebook will support   digital fingerprint to unlock the Sohu; according to foreign media reports, Google’s Chromebook has been the main cost, in terms of performance are not prominent, but with the development of Chromebook, Google also pay more attention to the product line. The day before the relevant notes on the Chromium display based on Chromebook in the future will support more security deployment, including fingerprint sensor. Chromebook will support fingerprint unlock (pictures from cnBeta)         the Google Chromebook mainly for the school and in the workplace, but strangely enough safety function until now, in fact, just last month through the use of PIN code to unlock the device. Naturally, with fingerprint unlock Chromebook also need support OEM vendors.         it is understood that the online data portal Statista recently published a survey report on notebook computers. Data show that Chromebook notebook shipments in 2015 to 5 million 400 thousand units, is expected in the next few years sales will grow to 17 million units. This laptop cost-effective and ease of use in the market has been recognized by many users.         Chromebook notebook market has been growing since 2011, with the introduction of a variety of products, more people began to pay attention to this product. Earlier this year, Samsung launched a equipped with Chrome  OS notebook Chromebook  system; 3. The laptop life time of 11 hours, and to strengthen the body’s metal structure, improve the durability, with a certain ability to fall.       previously, Google has plans to open up Chrome  OS and Android barriers between the Chromebooks will be native support for Android applications. Chrome  OS users can download applications through Google  Play, running on Chromedbooks.  相关的主题文章:

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