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Real-Estate Ghaziabad is touted as the major industrial city of U.P. The realty market in this "gateway" city is progressing nicely. Given that it has all the potential to develop as a hot-spot of real estate, it is expected to join other elite property markets like Delhi and Gurgaon. But there are several encumbering factors that are putting dampers to the spirits of buyers. These manacles in the legs of Property in Ghaziabad are preventing it from treading a smooth path. Lack of Infrastructure: Though this industrial town has several small-scale industries, there is a dearth of multinational .panies and large unit firms. This is one of the reasons that contributes to the lack of interest in buying flats in Ghaziabad. The absence of infrastructure in terms of global offices, opulent hotels and fancy malls drift the buyers from making a purchase here. Lack of Civic Amenities: Several builders have .e up with lucrative housing projects in the city to romp in top-class investors, yet the city suffers from inadequate civic amenities like water and electricity. Those who have already purchased properties here are now lamenting of their decisions. The city also suffers from any solid-waste management system. With such a bad state of things, it is hard to conceive the city as the next realty hub of India. High Crime Rate: Another drawback that the Ghaziabad property is facing currently is high recurrent rate of crimes. Due to the lackadaisical attitude of the government authorities and vehement use of force by the powerful, the nefarious activities are going on in full vogue. So, the buyers do not seem too keen to invest their money at such a place. The illegal sale of arms and red-tapism too are proliferating at a high rate. Below Par Connectivity: Though the city has connectivity to Noida and Greater Noida, there are severe congestion problems. The Ghaziabad-Noida underpass sees huge traffic daily, thus making the .mutation a big problem. The present metro network is not efficient and there is a dire need for its expansion to other areas. Unless these hampering factors are not worked upon, the real estate sector can’t flourish well in the city. Makaan.. is a property portal where you can search houses, office spaces, apartments, warehouses, bungalows, and plots for residential and .mercial purposes. The properties with different price tags and offering several amenities are available for searching over the portal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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