German Chancellor Merkel opened for the first time in Germany, the College of

German premier Merkel for the first time for the Confucius Institute in Germany opened the original title: German Chancellor Merkel Confucius for the first time for the new agency in Germany in August in Stralsund, opened 30,   seventeenth German Confucius College Confucius College — Stralsund local time on the afternoon of August 30th held the inaugural ceremony, the German Prime Minister Merkel was invited to attend and unveiling the Confucius college. It is understood that this is Merkel himself as well as the current Prime Minister of Germany for the first time opened the Academy of Confucius. Stralsund is the seat of Merkel as a member of the constituency, is regarded as its political hometown". Merkel said in his speech, very pleased to see her last year and China Prime Minister Li Keqiang to witness Confucius signed an agreement in Stralsund formally established here today. Merkel mentioned that, in addition to teaching Chinese, Confucius Institute also spread Chinese medicine culture, and the Germans have a strong interest in traditional Chinese medicine. She also said that she learned that Confucius Institute also opened Chinese cooking classes, I am personally interested in learning to do a Chinese food is also very interested." Merkel stressed that the Germans China for thousands of years of history and culture is still poorly understood, "the Confucius school will help us to have a better acquaintance." Confucius attended the ceremony, director general of Hanban headquarters, said director Xu Lin, Confucius college in the world has become an important Chinese brand culture, Stralsund Institute of Confucius Confucius School of Germany seventeenth, will build a out of the ordinary, rise above the common herd. Xu Lin specifically pointed out that after the establishment of this hole hospital, the two sides will focus on the promotion of Chinese medicine in Germany, Sino German cooperation in small and medium enterprises, youth exchanges between China and Germany and other three aspects of positive cooperation. Chinese ambassador to Germany Shi Mingde thanked Merkel for taking the time to attend the inaugural ceremony, and highly fruitful results between China and Germany in recent years in the field of cultural exchanges. This is the German Youth Exchange Year, under the "exchange, friendship and future" theme, providing a new impetus and inexhaustible source of frequent visits and exchanges between young people for the sustained and healthy development of relations between the two countries. The Confucius school in Stralsund by the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences and Hefei University cooperation. In October 30, 2015, the two prime ministers witnessed by Confucius Institute Headquarters, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences and Hefei University signed a cooperation in the establishment of Confucius Institute of German University of Applied Sciences Stralsund agreement. It will be the main feature of traditional Chinese medicine communication and training, and is committed to creating a Chinese language and cultural exchange center in Northeast germany. It is reported that Germany’s first feature of the traditional Chinese medicine Confucius College of the Confucius Institute, is also the location of Mecklenburg Vorpommern’s first Confucius college. According to statistics, China has established more than and 500 Confucius institutes in the world and in more than 1 thousand countries in the world, and the other 139 classes of the Confucius. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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