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Fuzhou Huaxi remediation will be built on both sides of 8.7 km walk Huaxi Strait flow regulation effect network November 8th hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Lincheng /   Wen Bao Hua / chart)   now the flow of Huaxi, is half black half clean. Jinshan River on top of the river, adjacent to Jinshan Park, beautiful environment. However, Pu avenue to the South River was illegally built garbage, occupation, deterioration of water quality. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou urban construction department, (PU Avenue – Bay side gate) comprehensive renovation project has been officially launched. A total length of about 4362 meters of the Liuhua Creek will be divided into two sections, the first section is more than 300 meters long have been entering the construction, about 4000 meters long second tenders are entering the preparation before construction, the entire project is expected to be completed at the end of next year. It is reported that the two sides will build 8.7 kilometers of trails, the first section from the edge of the bay to San Huan sluice Bridge Department, more than 300 meters long. The second section is from Pu bridge to rosan at the White House, about 4000 meters long. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the stream near the side of the Gulf of Huaxi bridge, the first section of the construction site, a few hook machine are busy in the flat, widening the river. "This is the end of Huaxi flow into wulongjiang, the current management of the Huaxi." Project leader said that as early as last November, the construction unit has entered, but because of the demolition is not in place until last month to start. At present, the first section has been built, is expected to be completed before the end of December this year. According to reports, the channel will be widened to 30~80 meters, in order to solve the original problem of narrow river drainage capacity. The two sides will build the trail is about 8.7 kilometers long, about 2.5 to 3.5 meters wide, about 5 of the landscape along the bridge seat. In addition, the new building, catering services, parking spaces, etc.. It is understood that the Liuhua Creek on both sides of the river will improve the sewage pipe system, pipe length of about 5.5km, Yang Pu on the roadside access week River sewage interception sewer system planning. Along the road to create the three landscape to enhance the environment is also a major focus of the construction. It is reported that the current regulation of Huaxi will build three landscape areas, respectively, Indonesian beauty, banyan block Liuhua ghost. The Indonesian beauty is based on the original block, some of the aquatic plants in the water, mainly in the lotus. In addition, some set collocation landscape tree breeding. The banyan tree is located in the Pu bridge site, ten City Association will be near the green banyan, reflect the characteristics of Fuzhou, but with the construction of leisure Plaza, garden road. The area was originally a few ancient banyan tree, in addition to transplant some big banyan tree. Is a Liuhua will build a narrow riparian Park, nearly 4 kilometers in length, along with pedestrian bridge, citizens can enjoy the scenery along the way, at the same time freely shuttling between both sides of the river. According to reports, these areas are located in second basic landscape construction section within the scope of. According to the hundred days crucial mission requirements, Cangshan district government will be responsible for the demolition work in June 30th next year. Second tenders for the construction of a total length of 4 km, is expected to be completed by the end of next year.  相关的主题文章:

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