Fun fancy marketing Skoda speed to send really not simple – Beijing

Fun fancy marketing Skoda speed to send "really not simple" – Beijing, Beijing, November 7, accompanied by a series of the hit variety show and the arrival of the Olympic Games, entertainment and sports will undoubtedly become the hottest topic in 2016 field. From the Skoda brand flagship model supipes, since the upgrade has been listed on the accurate market positioning and a keen insight into the market, and in a variety of sports marketing both force and carried out a series of effective communication activities, effectively enhance the visibility and influence of models. Recently, the Skoda brand exclusive title sponsor broadcast large music challenge reality show star "masked sing guess" is Jiangsu TV hit. The strength to sing, the program with the Skoda brand slogan is not the simple concept agree without prior without previous consultation ", and as a guest of the program exclusive car, Skoda supipes frequently steal the spotlight in the program, with the appearance of high quality and elegant atmosphere of the cabin atmosphere to the audience left a deep impression, with the strength to harvest all the fans. In addition, supipes also named series "special guest" as the film maker, hit, Skoda speed faction ambitious brand spirit also won widespread sympathy; the exclusive title broadcast reality show star "twenty-four hours", through the supipes origin also further demonstrated the framing of Skoda brand 100 years of war story and the Volkswagen Group’s strong technical strength. Skoda supipes through continued cooperation with the high popularity of the entertainment program, the use of mass communication context significantly enhance the visibility of products gathered high popularity for supipes. The new design concept and Cubism, many of the leading smart technology and equipment quickly gained a large number of young consumers, reflects the market marketing strategy accurate, make hundred years brand full of new vitality. Supipes in sports marketing performance is also commendable. The Skoda brand has been connected with sports in the long history of development, for thirteen consecutive years of sponsorship of the tour de france. In this year’s schedule, speed is more as a pilot red car all the way to lead the players rushed to Paris. It is worth mentioning that, in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, supipes became "Chinese national track and field team chief automotive partners", "national team Chinese Judo strategic partner" and "Chinese national modern five team is the official sponsor" and "Chinese national cycling team is the official sponsor", a way to help Olympic athletes fighting game. Superb model was born in 1934, 2001, Skoda re enable Superb brand to enter the high-end market, and the introduction of Chinese in 2009. Supipes models through continuous development continue to bring more high-quality driving life for consumers in the long history, with the Olympic spirit in the progressive succession, the struggle will never meet the spirit. By sponsoring the Olympic Games, the school has not only won the attention of more consumers, but also to fully demonstrate its outstanding champion quality. China’s Olympic team has made a breakthrough performance, and fast faction with superior product strength and a series of effective market initiatives, the first three quarters of the total sold 22741, an increase of 82%.相关的主题文章:

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