From the Gulf of Shenzhen to the Dapeng Bay villages is the cradle of entrepreneurship candy boy

From the Gulf of Shenzhen to the Dapeng Bay: villages is the cradle of Shenzhen Bantian village entrepreneurship horseshoe 2016-10-14 source: Author: Wu Jiaming Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming said, the world’s most intelligent head recently in Shenzhen…… In 2016 the "national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week" has been kicked off in the Gulf of Shenzhen business square, attracting not only the "smart" of the brain, of course, many young people are trying to start. Mr. Huang is one of many entrepreneurs, creative project activities at the scene of the eye-opening let him, but the focus of his attention seems to be "traditional" — the rental market. Mr. Huang and several friends looking for houses, ready to set up a new apartment rental parents. "Shenzhen innovation atmosphere is very good, young people are also very much, so large residential and rental demand, I have confidence in the market, but in the selection and management of late, I still want to have innovations in minimizing the cost under the premise to allow young people to rent better, this is the reason I come here learn from the." Mr. Huang said. Speaking of site selection, Mr. Huang is the whole Shenzhen. In his words, is from Shenzhen bay to the Dapeng Bay, from west to east he traveled. However, he impressed most of the villages in Shenzhen. Into the city of Shenzhen, many villages, the passage of time feeling everywhere. For the young city of Shenzhen, village residents of the building has been somewhat obsolete, the environment is not satisfactory, but tell many people’s way of life, more representative of a lack of historical accumulation of precious historical city. It can be said that the village is another symbol of the spirit of Shenzhen, although it is not an ideal residence. Most foreigners came to Shenzhen, the first stop is often selected villages: the reason is nothing more than a low rent and living facilities. All along, not only a lot of white-collar workers long rooted in the village, but also the birth of a lot of Slumdog Millionaire: such as the establishment of the global lock security company Luo Yong, etc.. I have seen a lot of young people, are in the cause of their own efforts, there is no lack of some creative passengers, but was forced by the pressure of living in the village." Mr. Huang said. In Guangxi temple near Shenzhen Bay Plaza, Futian CBD business village near the village of Gangxia City, most of the wealth effect of Caiwuwei village renewal…… Speaking of survey of the village, Mr. Huang he. However, the most impressive is the Horseshoe Village located in Bantian, which is known as China’s highest education in the village. In the HUAWEI headquarters near the Horseshoe Village, so to have a horseshoe village between indissoluble bound and HUAWEI. With the gradual increase of employees of HUAWEI, HUAWEI’s own dormitory supply, housing demand is more and more big, Horseshoe Village "First come, first served.", also let the rental market is growing rapidly. In addition, in the vicinity of the Horseshoe Village also brought together a number of large enterprises such as Foxconn. Local villagers said that many of the houses here are rented to young people to work in the surrounding, most of them have a bachelor’s degree or above, many of which are a large number of masters, doctoral and some returnees.相关的主题文章:

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