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French officials responded: "excessive expansion" in China in the new heavy weight recruitment agency in Beijing on 7 September, (Fu Qiang) "China’s enrollment, the number of growth is only one aspect, and France will not ignore the quality of students and curriculum check", said the News Agency reporters China general coordinator of the French Higher Education Department Ou Jie day before. In August this year, an article entitled "the French schools keen to attract students Chinese, excessive expansion leads to many problems in the spread in the network, the French government directed" the weight is not heavy, there are many problems in China in the process of enrollment. In an interview with China News Agency reporters interview, Ou Jie on the relevant issues on the specific instructions. He said, "the article quoted 2009 examples as evidence, the credibility of the shortage, moreover, the French government is not to recruit more international students as a means of bringing in revenue, so there is no reason for academic success of students in France can not." Ou Jie said that France will increase the number of admissions to China, will not reduce the cost of students and the quality of the course. The French government has established a set of double evaluation system, which is not only for the benefit of students, but also to ensure the quality of College enrollment. According to Jie Jie, the system consists of two parts. On the one hand, the French Education Department to conduct a detailed assessment of student achievement, language proficiency and motivation of students studying in France, to judge the study plan and future occupation planning has no necessary connection. On the other hand, the French Embassy and the French institutions of higher education work closely to open courses in Colleges and universities. "Regardless of their own conditions, or the choice of course does not conform to the French Embassy in France for the students to provide college curriculum requirements, application can be through" Ou Jie said, "this is the school enrollment, the sale of illegal inorganic diploma can take advantage of." According to the French Department of education statistics show that over the past decade, the number of Chinese students receiving higher education in France doubled. In 2005, the law to study undergraduate and above Chinese students about 15 thousand people, this figure increased to 36 thousand in 2015, or in 2020 will exceed 50 thousand people. Chinese students have become the largest group of foreign students in france. "China steady growth in the number of international students, is an affirmation of the quality of higher education in France, because this growth is gradual, not change radically, Ou Jie said, France’s teaching quality and research environment of the world, this is the main reason why more and more Chinese students to receive higher education in france. In 2016 the global ranking strength of higher education system release the British QS education group, France ranked sixth, Paris normal college, Paris Polytechnic Institute, University of Paris 6 and other universities in the ranking list. British financial times, the latest statistics show that in the world’s top 25 master’s School of economics, the French Business School exclusive 8 seats, MBA and master of Finance ranked top of the list is also a French business school. "France’s achievements in the field of scientific research are equally fascinating," the Reuters survey showed that 4 of the world’s top 17 research institutes are located in France相关的主题文章:

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