France Embassy in Greece suspected grenade attack on duty guard minor injuries-bree daniels

In case of doubt by embassy in Greece a grenade attack on duty guard injured original title: the French Embassy in Greece suspected in a grenade attack according to Xinhua news agency, the Greek police said, the French Embassy in Greece 10, suffered bomb attacks in the capital city of Athens, killing a police who suffered minor injuries. The French embassy is located in one of the most secure areas of Athens, opposite the Greek parliament building. The police said that the surveillance footage shows two men riding a motorcycle suspects suspected of throwing explosive grenades to the embassy, the embassy building is not damaged, but one of the guards on duty at the door of the booth was slightly injured. Police then cordoned off the area, sent anti-terrorism experts to the scene to collect evidence. According to the police said, shortly after the attack, they found a vehicle in the center of Athens community in line with the characteristics of the vehicle involved in the case, is now doing further confirmation. At present, there is no organization or individual claimed that the attack. The Greek government spokesman Dimitris · Chahar NACO Papadopoulos said in a statement, condemned the attack as "acts of terrorism". "Such acts of terror will not affect the friendship between Greece and France and solidarity," he said, "the Greek police will perform their duties, to ferret out the attackers, to ensure the safety of all citizens." Coincidentally. The same day, the same near the Greek parliament of the Greek Ministry of finance as a "hoax" threat, once the organization of emergency evacuation. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章:

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