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Foshan public security, a network into a new sample of government services – the rule of law – People’s original title: a net into a door to get the public security service map for the police to guide the public to do self service. The cup had taken on August 25th, Guangdong Province, Foshan City Public Security Bureau released blockbuster two "security artifact: the country’s first public security" shield project "anti fraud APP and the first to achieve the" fast fast lose "WeChat all in one service, to further realize the masses for the public security service can enjoy not everywhere errands, 24 hours a day. The "Legal Daily" reporter learned that, Foshan public security in the country the first "one door, one network" service to create a national government service "new sample", let the city "one door", "a net" will be able to enjoy the intimate and convenient public service. Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau at the end of last year to start a "one door, one network" service building. At the beginning of this year, vice mayor of Foshan City Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Jiang Kaixin stressed in the business work plan, the public security organs to the satisfaction of the masses as the first standard, the people’s voice and well-being at heart the moment, to enhance the level of service window. In "a door" enjoy all-weather service "and all documents are gone!" on August 20th, Foshan citizens Mr. Cai accidentally lost a backpack, a bag of his identity card, driving license, eep and other documents, which makes him very anxious. Although the value of these documents is not high, but have to spend a lot of time go up, but the procedures are very complicated. Later that day, a Mr. Cai came to the Chancheng district administrative service center of public security "one door" in Kuiqi Lu comprehensive service hall, under the guidance of the staff, he once lost documents completed all formalities, this let him surprise. It is understood that public security, a comprehensive service hall facilities are still escalating, the public becomes more convenient for business. Foshan City Public Security Bureau Huzhengbumen responsible person said: "to apply for identity cards has collected fingerprint information of the masses, through the resident identity card card self-service machine, directly on the fingerprint, than on the card, it is convenient and less error. At present, replacement identity card, business has been the city’s business for 24 hours self-service, residence of the city’s residents, no matter which can be handled in the District, Foshan City Public Security Bureau 24 hours self-service area." Foshan built public security 24 hours self-service and one door integrated service system, to achieve the city, District, town (street) full coverage of the three, which is the first in the country. From the service content, whether it is the window service or self service, are covered by the traffic police, household registration, entry and exit of the 3 main kinds of 4 kinds of public security business, the basic realization of "a general office, a complete", Chancheng public security, a "one door" service is also the first province to achieve household affairs, immigration services "a window through the office; from the service network, city, District, town (street) public security organs three levels to proceed, grid service system of city wide; from Business Hours, covering the city, District, town street level three 24 hours self-service)相关的主题文章:

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