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Foreign ministers gathered in Japan and South Korea can renew the "front"? Comment eighth – Sohu trilateral foreign ministers’ meeting held in Tokyo in August 24, 2016. It is reported that the meeting of the foreign ministers will review 2015 meeting of leaders of China, the results of the implementation of the current world economic situation, and to prepare for possible at its next meeting of leaders of china. 2015, the theme of the summit talks between the three governments is peace and cooperation, the result of worry than joy". Sino Japanese relations have not been substantially improved over the past year. In terms of security, to safeguard the sovereignty of the South China Sea China justified Japan moves frequently, Chinese continue to challenge the bottom line, in the East China Sea and the Diaoyu Islands issue, the Andouble regime destroyed the situation in the East China Sea peace initiative, but also a threat to the safety of Chinese. In terms of economic and trade cooperation, following the 2014 Japanese investment in China fell by 38.8% in 2015, a decrease of 25.2% in the first half of the year in Japan, investment in China and a decrease of $14.4% in the same period in 2016. In fact, the Japanese investment in China, the same as the Japanese economy. Cabinet office data released in August, the Japanese government fiscal deficit equivalent to 7% GDP, the government debt amounted to 1053 trillion and 467 billion 600 million yen. If assessed, Japan’s per capita debt has reached 8 million 300 thousand yen. However, Japan is a country of trade, to solve the economic problems can not be divorced from this premise. South Korea peace and cooperation relationship is also facing severe test. South Korea agreed to the United States in the deployment of its anti missile system in Germany, regardless of China’s major security interests concern, so that the relationship between China and South Korea a serious setback. But in the economic and trade cooperation, Chinese has become South Korea’s largest trading partner and the largest export destination and largest source of imports, while South Korea has become one of the Chinese’s largest source of imports and the most important source of investment in the country. December 2015 formally entered into the FTA between China and South Korea, is China’s largest foreign trade agreements signed by the largest number of countries, but also China has so far involved in the field of the largest fta. At present, the scale of bilateral trade between China and South Korea has reached $300 billion, is expected to reach $400 billion within 5 years. South Korea is currently one of the few developed countries with China’s trade surplus, South Korean leaders will ignore the economic and trade relations between China and South Korea’s economic impact, and adhere to China’s "dry", self-evident. As early as 2002, Japan and South Korea on brewing a three free trade area, but due to many reasons, so far failed to forming. At present, the US led trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the remaining variables, whether to renew "front", worthy of attention. Japan and South Korea foreign ministers’ meeting in early September before the G20 summit held, trying to pass what information, when it is not difficult to interpret. There is no doubt that the trilateral cooperation with all countries and their people’s interests, is the consensus of all a person with breadth of vision. The relationship between Japan and South Korea, and fighting injuries. In the past year, relations between Japan and South Korea have improved. Mainly in Japan on the comfort women issue to apologize to South Korea, the two sides reached an agreement on information sharing. As far as China is concerned相关的主题文章:

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