Five Exceptional Stuhrling Original Watches For Busy

Fashion-Style When Max Stuhrling IV founded his new watch .pany in 1999, he knew the deck was stacked against him. The industry is over four hundred years old, and most of the key players have been in business for decades. Entering one of these mature markets is often extremely challenging for new owners. Not only do they have to get their word out about their products, but they must also answer questions about their experience. When a product is relatively simple, most consumers couldnt care less about innovation. They care more about experience and tradition. That is the reason why Swiss watches are considered the gold standard in the industry. Swiss watchmakers have been producing quality timepieces for over four centuries now. But Mr. Stuhrling did have a few things going for him. For starters, he had over three generations of expert Swiss watchmakers in his family. He also had the experience and technical knowhow to design quality timepieces. Unfortunately, that didnt make marketing any easier. His new watch .pany was virtually unknown in its first few years of operation, until they started selling their watches online and through home shopping networks. Stuhrling Original is now one of the fastest growing watch .panies in the world. In a little over a decade, they have ac.plished what it has taken others in the industry several decades to do. In this article, we will review five of their most memorable timepieces. Newberry Classic Even though they are a relative baby in an old industry, Stuhrling Original likes to pay homage to the past with watches that capture a certain moment in time. For example, all of the models in their popular Ascot Park series are named after famous racetracks. The Newberry is our favorite timepiece from this line. It is constructed from the finest materials, like scratch-resistant Krysterna crystal for the watch cover and surgical stainless steel for the watch case. Not surprisingly, the timepiece is incredibly durable and can be worn in almost any environment. Of course, the Newberry is more of an upscale casual model than it is a sports watch. With a beige watch dial and a genuine leather strap, the watch is elegant and easy to read. Sea Hawk Sportsman After years of declines, sales of automatic watches are on the rise again. Unlike electronic quartz watches that have dominated the industry for decades, automatic watches are mechanical, meaning they have cogs, springs, and gears. Consumers love them because they are easy to repair and last much longer than their digital peers. And watchmakers love them because they are throwbacks, and they take time, patience and skill to produce. The Sea Hawk Sportsman is one of many automatic models in the Stuhrling Original catalogue. It is big and bold, with an oversized round case (44-millimeters) and a canteen-style crown protector. Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, the case has an eye-catching brush satin finish. The watch dial is open and easy to read, with luminous white Arabic numbers at the twelve, three and nine oclock hour markers. There is even a date window beside the six oclock position to add a bit of elegance to an already striking timepiece. Lifestyle Alpine The Alpine is not a watch for the wallflower. Like the Sea Hawk Sportsman, it is big and bold, with a 52-milimeter round watch case constructed of surgical-grade steel. The skeletonized black dial lets observers get a look at the moving parts of this audacious automatic timepiece. The watch hands are gold toned, and the dial is protected by a mineral sapphire crystal cover. The watch band is made of genuine leather with a stainless-steel buckle clasp for a .fortable and secure fit. Though it is not a sport watch, the Alpine Watch can be safely submerged in up to 165 feet of water. Winchester Elite As traditional as most of their models are, Stuhrling Original has also designed many contemporary timepieces. The Winchester Elite offers a bold design and a bit of bling. It is made almost entirely from silver-tone stainless steel and it is powered by automatic movement. The Skeleton dial is hand-engraved, and the chain link bracelet is attractive and tough. The scratch-resistant Krysterna crystal cover protects it in up to 165 feet of water. Special Reserve Milenia A bit more understated than the previous models, the Special Reserve Milenia is an automatic timepiece with a skeleton dial that shows off its guts. However, the watch does not have a fancy band or much color. It is mostly black with silver tones and a simple black dial with stick hour markers. Of course, the Milenia is made with only the best materials. The watch case is stainless steel and the cover is scratch-resistant Krysterna crystal. This unassuming instrument has a water resistance of up to 165 feet. All of the models we discussed today can be purchased online. Take some time to find your favorite designs now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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