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Feng Tian Wei: continue to represent Singapore campaign will be set up his own team of Feng Tian Wei sina sports news recently, Feng Tian Wei was the Singapore table tennis team removed a widespread concern about the "table tennis world", according to reports, Feng Tian Wei responded by open letter, she said he will continue to represent in singapore. The full text of the letter reads as follows: hello. Thank you very much for your attention, so that everyone worried, I am very sorry. The incident occurred quite suddenly, I also need some time to adjust, so the last few days has not made any comments, thank you for your patience. Since I started in 2007 on behalf of the Singapore team, has been in the past nearly ten years, has made some achievements, to become a world champion, won the Olympic medals, the highest in the world to stand on the podium, which fulfilled my childhood dream, also let the Singapore flag in the international arena flying high, Singapore’s National Anthem in the international arena play sound. These achievements cannot do without the government of Singapore, Sports Council, IOC, Ping total and the support of all parties, here, express the most sincere gratitude to them. At the same time, I also want to thank the fans and the people who supported me, thank you all the way to accompany the wind and rain, let me go ahead full of power, never alone. The Singapore government gave me a chance, let me become a Singapore citizen, and on behalf of Singapore to participate in international competitions, table tennis is my goal for many years, I will not easily give up, I will continue to play, continue to represent Singapore, to continue to struggle in the international arena, I hope and have the ability to make the development of table tennis career in Singapore better. To prove to everyone that the Singapore government’s support for the sport must be rewarded! Although not in the soldiers of the team, but I will still stay in Singapore, is still the outstanding sports scholarship winner, is also working with the agencies to continue to participate in competitions, Ping total also shows that will support me to participate in international competitions, so I will not relax yourself, to continue to represent Singapore. Although in the just concluded Olympic Games, unfortunately missed the medals, but the game makes me realize oneself there is still much room for improvement. Next I will actively set up the team, hiring a coach, trainer, and trainer in a new way in the field, may bring more space for development. I have to work harder to train and compete, improve the ability to communicate with the world’s top players. I also hope to have a fair and open and fair competition in the world series and open the opportunity and look forward to, hope to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games, get more Olympic medals for Singapore, get my occupation career fourth Olympic medals. These two days of false reports in some newspapers have attacked my personality and have had a very bad influence. I was shocked by the appearance of these remarks. During and Ping total contract, I didn’t cheat any money, and to violate the law of events. I have these untruths to consult with a lawyer, I hope in the future don’t appear similar to false reports. Finally, thank you and the media friends gave me I相关的主题文章:

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