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Familiar and unfamiliar Beijing Road, Guangzhou carrying thousands of years of memory – Sohu in Guangzhou for so many years is not a good stroll Beijing Road, the first time I’m walking along the Beijing Road, the old Guangzhou so you can play. The medicine Chau ruins, Han sluice, Buddhist temple, Beijing Road, Town God’s Temple Millennium palace, and a wooden cottage, the old Guangzhou with sina visits. Beijing road is not only a famous walk street shopping district in Guangzhou, or a cultural Guangzhou. Latest news, Beijing road into a national AAAA scenic spots. The first station in medicine Chau sites began, Guangzhou’s most beautiful big line, once the small Guangzhou West Lake delta medicine, many celebrities have left here or heard of the Ming Dynasty calligraphy inscription, the Provincial Education Department of education in Guangzhou road now Oh, so named. The five generation of South Han Emperor Liu? In the long lake this chisel five hundred feet, built in the lake delta to alchemy for medicine, so that drug and the Delta, stone nine, nine Yao said South Park, as the Royal garden. Guangdong provincial key cultural relics protection units. The photos with HUAWEI P9 comes with black and white photo mode, to record the appearance of old Guangzhou. Beijing Road Cultural Tourism Zone, and not just a way to make friends to visit Guangzhou, the feeling of the millennium. The sluice, hidden in the light of history this 2000 below the square of the water conservancy project, the capital city of Panyu city in Nanyue row drain water conservancy project, has multiple functions, moisture-proof, flood diversion. China is the oldest, largest and best preserved wooden sluice site. Now is the national key cultural relics protection unit, selected "China Cultural World Heritage list". The first time that Guangzhou has such a place, very surprised, but also admire the wisdom of the ancestors of the 2000. Guangzhou large Buddhist temple, formerly Tibet temple, South Temple is one of the twenty-eight. Ming Dynasty was renamed the longzang temple. Shunzhi six years burned, Kangxi three years Wang Pingnan is the official Temple reconstruction gratifying imitation. The hall dedicated to the three bronze Buddha, Buddhist temple named. Guangdong provincial key cultural relics protection units. In the hustle and bustle of the city, to pray here, or read the book, let impetuous heart calm down. Out of the temple, is the welfare road delicacy street, here you can enjoy every kind of delicacy. Beijing road People are hurrying to and fro. for thousands of years, and this road, how many bears the trace of time. The ancient building was built in three years of Tang Tianyou, "like Que", commonly known as master of army building for military use, sentry. The song called "double", Hongwu seven years rebuilt and renamed "Gongbei building", "Qing said the double bottom". The Yuan Dynasty has placed "is China clepsydra" timer, the largest and most complete ancient timer. The Millennium Road site laminated Tang to the Republic of China a total of 11 layers of pavement. Beijing road since ancient times is the most prosperous business center in Guangzhou, is the development of Guangzhou city’s axis, that has always been at the center of Guangzhou city Beijing road has not changed. Witness the change of this city. .相关的主题文章:

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