Face paralysis Jet Li I didn’t pick up the wheelchair ad-kasey chase

"Face paralysis"? Jet Li: I didn’t pick up the wheelchair ad ah – Sohu Jet Li attended the Anhui satellite TV entertainment advertising subscription will click into [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news (since October 26th, Zhuang Xiuwen) 2017 Anhui satellite TV Resources Exhibition and advertising subscription will be held in Anhui radio and TV station. The subscription will be "steady effort to see into the law" as the theme, the variety are both "our" law "stars of Asia" "who is your dish" this fully two generations, is also determined to join Jet Li’s Kung Fu Show "Kung Fu hero"; TV, Anhui satellite TV the "White Deer" is a "long" "Dragon Ball legend" and other heavy IP play in the bag, and the "Shushan wars" will push second. The subscription will, Jet Li, Nicky Wu, Yang Zixie "dragon legend" crew back to the scene. In the face of some time ago on the network of their own paralysis rumors, Jet Li humor response: I have not received a wheelchair advertising ah." "The Dragon legend" crew attend Anhui TV advertising subscription will talk about paralysis rumors Jet Li laughed and said: "I didn’t answer the wheelchair advertising lately" variety, Anhui satellite TV will focus on the weekend prime time, and strive to make each quarter a variety sowing season ace. The same day, a generation of Chinese idol, kung fu star Jet Li surprise. He is determined by the "creative sponsor" featuring the world’s first large files of kung fu movie star selection reality show "Kung Fu hero" landing in Anhui tv. It is understood that, in addition to Jet Li determined to join, "Kung Fu hero" will also invited top international film star to join together to find a large coffee, a Kung Fu star. After coming to power, Jet Li is to clarify some of the rumors about his own crazy paralysis rumors, his humor response: I haven’t received a wheelchair advertising ah." Then he mentioned the photos of his friends who were shaking hands with Kissinger when they were young, and said, "it was 1974, when we performed in the United States, and shook hands with Kissinger." Talk about making the "variety" of the original intention of this Kung Fu hero, Jet Li said, his 11 years on behalf of China to overseas performances, at that time the leaders, whether Premier Zhou, or Yeshuai, will tell his "boys, will transfer Chinese excellent culture to the world." He has always been afraid to forget the older generation of revolutionaries in his early childhood, he told the Chinese culture to share with the world. In those five or six years, although he has been to many countries, but the show has always been only a few hundred or thousands of people, on the spread, the effect is not achieved. But Shaolin Temple has influenced many people in the way of movies. Jet Li said that now the rapid development of the Internet, I hope that through this program to those who really like kung fu to build a platform for Chinese culture, Chinese Kung Fu really go out. Let the Westerners understand, Kung Fu is not only the skills, or champion gold belt, more important is the morality. Every boy growing up, there are martial arts feelings, Kung Fu without borders. The Kung Fu hero is not just a variety show, it is a responsibility and play." 2016, Anhui TV’s "our ratings rule" feature in the top three, a network of more than 700 million hits.  相关的主题文章:

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