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Exposure Jane Zhang mother promised to go back on your wedding: mobile phone directly off – Jane Zhang Feng Ke married in Italy entertainment Sohu   Sohu; entertainment news on November 8th, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke held a wedding in Italy sweet, in the exposure of the wedding photos, two people are happy to exchange rings, Jane Zhang’s face was full of smiles. The bridesmaids held by Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, Tan Weiwei, Pan Chen, Liu Yifei, curly hair appeared, holding the ring box, is to steal the spotlight, some netizens commented: "a good little fairy sister laugh". Yesterday (7 days), there are media reports Jane Zhang mother hasn’t received her daughter’s wedding invitation, people in Chengdu, more bluntly: "the invitation Feng Ke said no, Liangying did not say what, because their marriage thing, I am very sad, depressed mood." In addition, she said, still can not accept Feng Ke, before the lawsuit with the first instance of Feng Ke, but also continue to follow the legal process. And Jane Zhang’s account is also Zhang mother. Recently, Jane Zhang friends broke the news to the media, said Feng Ke has put all the shares of the company to the name of Jane Zhang; and Zhang said the mother had promised to go to Italy to participate in the wedding, but in October 23 to 25 days to return to Chengdu after a mother went to Beijing to record the visa fingerprint, a mobile phone off, mother came home to find that she is not in. Jane Zhang Feng Ke in Chengdu and uncles together to find her for two days and two nights, micro letter does not return.   相关的主题文章:

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