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Europe smart menu system Drop to enter China it said the kitchen will be like this intelligent system Drop Recipes App menu Sina Technology Li Gen next morning, blender busy with your favorite fruit shake, on what proportion should be added to various fruits well; oven automatically preheating, quietly waiting for admission next to be praised; the refrigerator, showing the detected remaining ingredients, the recipes available automatically recommend today…… All this is not just a fantasy, but now has been able to foresee a microcosm of the smart kitchen system. For now, there are smart recipes for the smart kitchen system layout. For example, in Europe and the United States popular Drop Recipes App, is considered to be an important node to connect intelligent kitchen and highly intelligent kitchen system. Since 2014, Drop Recipes intelligent electronic scale and matching it with the App (Drop Connected Kitchen Scale) are popular in the European market, including Wired, Daily Mail, Wall Street Journal and other well-known European and American media as essential kitchen items in twenty-first Century. Drop smart recipes will change the menu to machine readable mode, you can select the appropriate menu according to user needs, when the raw material is not automatically adjusted. After connecting the intelligent electronic scale, it can also detect the weight of the content, and automatically jump to the next step. The cooking process is so simple that users can enjoy seamless interactive use experience. The day before, the smart kitchen global leader Drop announced the Bosch and the European well-known home appliance manufacturers to cooperate, to Drop intelligent menu based operating system built into all kinds of intelligent kitchenware. This is the first step in the expansion of multi regional manufacturers, and it is the mainstream appliance manufacturers worldwide. Sought after by the European and American market intelligence recipes Drop Recipes App is very simple to use. The App is built with hundreds of recipes that can be read into a machine readable mode, where users can find recipes that meet their needs through advanced search settings, and easily complete the preparation and cooking process under the guidance. In addition, Drop also provides a community menu module, allowing users to communicate their own unique recipes. When connected with the intelligent electronic scale, Drop Recipes App can vividly show the image through the synchronous raw material is enough, and in the detection to complete each step automatically after the jump to the next step in the preparation process, users don’t need to touch the screen. In addition, the software also provides a lot of things to make this easier to cook things, even if you do not buy a matching intelligent electronic scales can also be used. When the user finds a lack of raw materials, only the corresponding weight by a screen can according to the accurate proportion of other raw materials; when the user finds a lack of raw materials, built-in App data, it can provide a variety of feasible alternatives. In.相关的主题文章:

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