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Estonia, Tallinn, from the medieval fairy tale when the first eye standing in the deck overlooking the city of Tallinn, I was completely in love with the city. Under the pink purple night, snow covered the roof from spreading, street lights illuminate the wall color. Pure, quiet, quiet, everything is like a fairy tale world, a fairy tale coming from the middle ages. Do not know because the winter’s sake, or because it is still not so famous, no tourists crowded the old city of Tallinn in the viewing platform, along the open alley towards the top of the hill, only one step on the snow crunching noise. The legacy of the ancient city walls and the castle is the essence of this old city where, in the dim light of night, add a touch of the vicissitudes of life. Standing on the viewing platform, the old city of Tallinn, the dark night, when the sky is floating in the snow was a dream pink purple. Under the night, the old city is so pure and peaceful. The pattern and the buildings in the old city are well preserved, just like the time has never come from here. Go to the hotel along the lane, snow wet lens, let the light more blurred. Love is a lamp in the cold snowy night lights. This seat with a strong color of the Russian church called Alexander? Nevski cathedral is a Russian Orthodox church built in nineteenth Century. Compared to the old city of Tallinn in the city, under the city will be busy some, probably because since ancient times society, religion is on the class and the feudal nobles gathered, and city merchants and craftsmen of the residence, and therefore more popular. Tallinn city hall stands in the old city center reakoja square (Raekoja Plats) side, from 1530 onwards, the guardian of the statue of Thomas stands in the town hall roof, it is the symbol of Tallinn city. Climb up the tower overlooking the city, but this time. The winter square is empty, and every year in June, the Old Town Festival, the entire square and the city hall will be lit by the concert, dance and medieval theme carnival. The old city of Tallinn is the only city in Europe to maintain the appearance and style of the middle ages, it was included in the world cultural heritage. The size of the old city is not very large, with a map, you can let yourself go through the winding alleys. Night Lanshan, blue sky and yellow lights intertwined, even walking in the deserted alley, even in winter, but because the warm and warm heart. The snow fell in the night, the second day early in the morning, I once again came to the viewing platform, the old city of Tallinn is also as quiet as yesterday, but it is another flavor. The snow faded red roofs, leaving a piece of white, colored walls and jump out, interspersed. The most striking spire of St. Olaf’s Church in Eleventh Century when King Olaf S of Norway building, 124 meters high, is Tallinn’s landmark. Next to a bench and the wall of the sentence The Times had has become a classic scene of the old city of Tallinn. Sitting here, watching the flow of time, the scenery is still. I wonder if you will not think of a certain period of a certain month. Tallinn, even in the winter is not a lack of color, because the old houses in Tallinn are colorful, full of artistic atmosphere. Probably because of this.相关的主题文章:

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