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Enjoy equal treatment of public high school Ningbo private school development a major positive – Beijing new network in Ningbo in September 14, (Xu Xiaoyong) 14, Zhejiang Province, Rong Ningbo experimental middle school officially became the city’s first pilot unit unified registration management institutions. This means that this was founded in February 2004, a non-profit full-time private school has a legal identity of public institutions. In the introduction of teachers, the quality of students, private schools can not stand with the public school run on the same line, the development of bottlenecks encountered." Wang Jiufang, chairman of Rong an group, said the public interest in the reform of public welfare institutions. Always, corporate property is not clear, and public institutions enjoy policy treatment inequality, financial burden, leaving only the difficult problem cited perplex even restricts the development of these institutions. It is understood that private welfare institutions will have the composition of state-owned assets into the registration of legal institutions, and public institutions belong to a legal attribute, is from the center to the Zhejiang Province, Ningbo city is a major reform measures to promote the. In 2014, Zhejiang began to implement the reform pilot in Lishui. In February this year, the Zhejiang provincial government in the province to carry out a comprehensive deployment of pilot work. In August this year, Ningbo City editorial office, Ningbo City Education Bureau, Ningbo Municipal Finance Bureau, Ningbo City Human Social Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province, according to the requirements of Ningbo City, jointly issued the "development institutions of Ningbo municipal non-profit private school" Interim Procedures for the registration and management, provides the policy basis for the registration and management of nonprofit full-time schools business unit. According to the Ningbo municipal office responsible person, in accordance with the unified Zhejiang provincial requirements, "unified registration management" first pilot private education and health care institutions such as public service. Ningbo city to determine the level of the first experimental unit of Ningbo Rong an experimental high school, conditional counties (cities) should also be carried out in combination with the actual pilot work, gradually expand the scope of the pilot on the basis of mature conditions. Ningbo Rong an experimental middle school from the pilot registration of private non enterprise legal person becomes the legal institutions, schools can through the reform and gradually leveled policy platform, and enjoy the same public schools, public schools and a property, engage in fair competition, as protected by law." Wing Ping secondary school, said it will bring an important positive Ningbo Rong experimental high school development. It is reported that, similar to the Ningbo Rong an experimental middle school such a non-profit private school, has become the legal institutions after the good, obviously: first of all, they will get from the Ningbo city private education development funds greater tilt subsidies. At the same time, they are expected to get more excellent team of teachers, teachers in public schools to non-profit private school work flow, the application made by the person, with the consent of the public schools and education departments, by the education authorities to the local labor and social security department reported by the local human resources and Social Security Department granted the original institution staff report the need to flow to the education system and subordinate institutions from private schools, institutions and the receiver)相关的主题文章:

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