Ecosystem and group road racing industry under a cross-border Pathfinder jodie foster

Cross the road and the group under a pathfinder racing industry ecosystem in October 30th, concern the 20162017 Asian Le Mans series the first race in Zhuhai finally ended, many viewers for a thrilling contest and the road speed turn pink, much the fans crazy to titillate the hormone is, and how many people are wonderful performance and in cooperation with Ferrari group formed DH Racing team on the track by hard work. The DH Racing team completed its first show at the Zhuhai international circuit with two new Ferrari GT3, of which the number 5 gained a of the GT group, only one step away from the podium. 4 hours of game scene and thrills, DH Racing team with strong performance and never give up the belief the perfect interpretation of the 24 hours of Le Mans racing spirit. Wonderful event is over, how to promote the development of the subsequent racing sports, culture and the whole industry as a whole to become the next step should be thinking. As the exclusive title sponsor and group, as a key to open the car is industrial door, and in the emerging sports industry layout falling on a solid step. The development space of sports industry attractive events IP layout hot since the end of 2014 the State Council issued document No. 46 "on the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" of sports consumption, sports industry will rise to the "national strategy" since the government policies one after another announced, sports economy is booming, usher in the historical opportunities of development. While in the capital market of sports industry companies also sang in the policy after the unbundling has been eagerly chasing the sports industry market. For the development of China’s sports industry blowout, IP is probably one of the hottest words. Since 2015, IP has been a physical sensation, another round of sports competition staged tide at IP. IP sports became a hot object after the arts, film and television drama, in addition to national policies encouraging, it has long life cycle, high safety coefficient, stable user investment innate characteristics are important factors of quality IP. For enterprises, to seize the sporting event IP is undoubtedly in the competition for the opening of the sports industry, knock on the door, the successful mobilization of this part of the IP fans group, which means that open up a broad market demand.     in the car racing industry beachhead, Suning, Wanda, Ali, music and other famous enterprises are in force. Among them, the road and the group as early as the beginning of this year has been through the acquisition of Ferrari isolani (I Solanes) fleet and related brand equity layout of the new sports industry. The second half of the year, is more active in snatch 20162017 Asian Le Mans series IP, became the exclusive title sponsor, in the car industry in this industry recognized sports industry is a new economic growth point on the strong attack. "The sports industry in the role of policy and capital and other factors, has been developed rapidly in recent years, although the core of China’s sports industry profitability is still weak, but I think the next Baiyiqianyi opportunities in the health and;相关的主题文章:

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