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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual from naughty children are curious, naughty because of the weather, in nature, not because we do not understand the nature of the child drowned. The rapid growth of 1~2 years old children’s body, they have the ability to run around, love walking, often take this, touch the very naughty. Some people ask me, children naughty is good or bad? This question cannot be answered simply by good or bad, for it is not a standard to judge a child’s good or bad. At present, many parents can not judge the child’s good or bad obedient obedient, in order to the child’s safety, parents tend to be a child’s naughty behavior was found to be stopped immediately, but the more stop the more aroused his curiosity. Why do the children be naughty? The reason is that their curiosity, in the eyes of adults seem to be commonplace, in their eyes, but each is full of attraction, they want to study one by one to understand. Child psychology that curiosity is the "knowledge", "scientific initiation bud", gave a high evaluation of curiosity. Child psychologists call "action based on the desire to explore."". Therefore, parents should cherish the child’s curiosity, a small child to be tolerant of failure behavior for children to provide comfortable, safe and reasonable environment, encourage children to participate in various attempts, secret support children to actively explore things. The naughty naughty naughty rational Tiancheng is the nature of the child, parents should not only stop, but also very good care for it, develop it. Naughty children are not content with simple answers. To love, love nagging, this is actually a kind of reverse thinking, divergent thinking. This is one of the most creative thinking. Naughty children courageous, daring, dare to do, wide exposure, the expansion of knowledge, the development of personality is good. The future needs of the community’s unique thinking, personality, talent, should give the child a little naughty, do not put them tied to the dead. Naughty people are more likely to succeed. Parents generally prefer obedient children and often have a headache for naughty children. In fact, for children, naughty is not a bad thing. Inventor Edison young, see the hen hatching chicks, and also with his stomach to hatch chickens, this looks very naughty behavior, Edison is exploring spirit of the show. Some children see the clock time, trying to open it; see father shave, want to try to follow…… If parents take reprimand and limit rude attitude to stop the child, then the child’s curiosity will be suppressed, thus, the child may become cautious, timid, or even a negative character. Naughty children are not necessarily bad children. When they grow up, they are far more likely to succeed than children everywhere. If children are not allowed to affect the child’s character相关的主题文章:

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