Don’t laugh, I’m married to a child care specialist

Do not laugh, I married a child care specialist – Sohu mother and daughter do not laugh, I married a child care specialist in the text of a thousand and I and I in the same university, the year he was 22 years old, I was 21 years old. He is a student of the Department of sociology, but he is attending a course in psychology. I am student of the Department of education, second degree in psychology. In an advertisement psychology class, I found a boy sitting beside me, looks a bit like a second tier Korean actor, single eyelids, thick eyebrows, high nose…… The boys are lying on the table, but he always listen carefully, at any time to take notes. Then I secretly asked my bestie, he is not a "nerd", but the ten campus singer, piano club president, Liu Yonghe also wrote 20 wit words campus youth novel. I was in front of a Shanxi well-off family of male students pursue the balance in my heart there have been tilted fundamental at that moment. Coincidentally, it is Liu Yonghe’s boyfriend bestie buddies, bestie a boyfriend, let me do community learning piano to Liu Yonghe. So, we are in a time of community activities to enhance mutual understanding, we fell in love. I remember many years ago, the gentleman said a word, "do you think my friend let me know you?" In fact, because I want to know you only on the psychological lesson." Silly I still can not tell whether this is true or false, but that moment can feel that he is better than the boy in Shanxi. Meet the parents, licensing, marriage, baby, so for the past ten years. I was the original education is full of ideals of the teachers, and students have become a well-known expert in parenting education. I saw the success of the ten years in the transformation of the students, this little bit of decay is the result of his perseverance, is the result of his efforts to scientific research, he is the pursuit of the fruits of dreams. Since the baby daughter angel come to earth, Mr. parenting ideas like "small universe outbreak, blowout, spewing and. At the beginning of the existence of analysis between us, but after the break in and thinking, and soon we found a fit point, that is, parent-child education to have the role of division of labor". Sir than I am good at interpersonal communication and creative ability, which is the most effective in parent-child games and parent-child tourism. Remember that there is a family tourism, we came to Seoul, took the girl to the famous Lotte World to play the merry go round, very patiently waiting for Mr. her daughter, during which they have with a Korean mother and daughter daughter began to exchange, very shy, but Dad self-confidence lead, daughter boldly South Korea and children exchange candy, that as a mother I can’t do that, then my daughter is in the father again and get all sorts of exercise the way of getting along with people, I saw the baby’s growth and progress, the hearts of Mr. admiration arise spontaneously. For Mr. parenting "children" by independent monographs "parents", "Daddy", "let the children happy parent-child relationship", read many times, often immersed in parenting philosophy in mr……. This is a deep understanding of the 150 kinds of parent-child games invented by his daughter, although these games look so"相关的主题文章:

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