Development and Reform Commission in August approved the solid investment project 196 billion 600 mi windjview

Development and Reform Commission in August 196 billion 600 million focused on investment projects approval solid transportation and other areas of national development and Reform Commission on September 14, 2016 (Wednesday) morning 9:30, three floor conference room held a press conference with regular theme in the national development and Reform Commission, issued the macroeconomic situation and respond to hot issues, the relevant responsible person attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters. The following is the conference record: Good morning, welcome to participate in the national development and Reform Commission scheduled monthly theme news conference. Today will be released on the 7 aspects of the situation, namely: the supply side structural reforms especially to productivity and cost reduction, economic system reform, electricity, investment, price and price regulation, improve the operation of the bank card credit card fee pricing mechanism, the establishment of the national ecological civilization test area. The fourth aspect, investment work is the first I approved the approval of fixed assets investment projects. August, I approved the approval of a total of 25 fixed asset investment projects, with a total investment of $196 billion 600 million. Including 6 water conservancy projects, with a total investment of 62 billion 300 million yuan; transportation infrastructure projects, a total investment of $103 billion 800 million; energy projects 2, with a total investment of $26 billion 500 million; social projects 3, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan. These projects are mainly concentrated in the areas of transportation, water conservancy and energy. Major transport infrastructure. As a new country to Quanzhou railway through to Ninghua section, construction projects for the promotion of former Central Soviet area revitalization and development, enhance the transportation capacity of the West Coast Economic Zone, has a positive role in improving the layout of regional road network. Dongfeng Shuangliao highway in Jilin province (Ji Linduan), the project to promote the rational development of resources, the revitalization of northeast old industrial base, has a positive role in strengthening regional tourism development. Two is a major water conservancy project. Such as Fujian province Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area flood proof engineering, the project through the construction of the seawall, flood Lake dikes, drainage and flood control levees, flood tidal sluice project, Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area can improve the defense flood and storm surge capacity, to ensure sustainable development. Three major energy projects. Such as Inner Mongolia’s Shandong Qingzhou positive and negative 800 thousand volt HVDC project, the implementation of the project can effectively solve the Northeast nest electricity problem, promote clean energy consumptive, power supply security in Shandong province. The second is the development of major projects in the 11 categories of national progress. Since September 2014, our Commission launched 11 categories of major projects, as of the end of July this year, has a total investment of 63767 yuan, an increase of 185 billion yuan more than the end of June, has started 48 projects, 405 projects. The specific circumstances of the distribution of materials for you, I do not read one by one. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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