Conti will be the reorganization of the defence exposed sign 2 local talent cleaning feats (video)

Conti will be the reorganization of the defence exposed sign 2 local talent cleaning meritorious defence Chelsea [] scoring errors help blue fox 1-0 header Shinji Okazaki ahead of Conti for Chelsea (data) defence transformation Tencent September 26th sports news 0-3 not enemy Arsenal (data) thoroughly hit Chelsea boss Jose Conti, "post" disclosure, the Italians have plan to spend great efforts to reform the Chelsea defence, among them, two meritorious Cahill and Ivan are gradually being abandoned, but Conti also plans to sign more than England local back transfusion. In Saturday’s first goal against Arsenal, Ivan and Cahill are a mistake, "post" disclosure, in the old and young captain Terry Zuma after coming back from injury, more than two Chelsea meritorious service will gradually be out of the lineup, the 35 year old Terry although it still can play, but Conti have plans in the next two transfer window to sign 2 young defender to develop, as a result, this summer from Paris to return to the Standford bridge Lewis may not be able to keep the main position. Conti failed to sign him in the summer to the big two (Juventus defender Bonui Tucci website data) and Naples Cooley Barre, the final second got left back Marcos Alonso and Lewis Chelsea, but the recent defensive problems, 4 games lost 12 balls, Conti believes that he still need to sign a new guard, in addition to the 2 central defender, he also need to sign a right back. The Chelsea defender Azpilicueta, respectively, Cahill, Ivan, Terry, Lewis, Einar, Alonso and Zuma, in the eyes of Conti, at least half of them will be gradually eliminated. Earlier this month the "post" disclosure, Chelsea scout has recently been in the investigation of two guards in England local performance, they are Michael Kean and Middlesbrough Burnley – Ben Gibson, they are expected to join the blues in January next year. (Romario)相关的主题文章:

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