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Cole: Durant can get into the best defensive team Mcgee will leave the team of Adu, look at you oh! (design lines) sina sports news Beijing time on October 10th, according to the "San Jose Mercury News" reported that Kevin – Durant is the history of the NBA one of the greatest scorers, but as he chose to join the warriors, Steve Cole believes Adu can show him on the defensive side of the potential, and selected to the all NBA defensive team. Kevin Durant is the four time NBA scoring, offensive responsibility plus before he need to undertake team in Oklahoma City, this makes the outside world to ignore Durant’s defensive ability, but Steve Cole did not, especially after last season’s Western Conference finals, Cole saw Durant to successfully defend the warriors small lineup. There are a lot of scoring players in the Champions League, which makes Durant in the offensive side of the pressure will be much smaller, and put more energy on the defensive side. After the end of today’s training warriors, Cole said in an interview that Durant is expected to be the best defensive team in the warriors. "Although it is not easy to be selected as the best defensive team, he (Durant) has the potential." Cole said, "he has the advantage of speed and speed and is very clever. He has been playing in the League for a long time, he has seen every kind of tactics and play, so he has a strong ability to predict. Of course he has the potential to be the best defensive team." This summer, the warriors signed a training camp contract with center Javier – Mcgee. Mcgee’s performance in the preseason, Cole believes that the opportunity to have fifteenth of the identity of the warriors in the team to stay in the team of the people of the United States, the United States and the United states. "I think Javier did a great job." Cole said, obviously, he can provide us with some other people can not provide things, such as the protection of the basket and vertical space. He did a great job at the training camp." Because of throat discomfort, Stephen curry has missed two days of training, but Cole is not worried. "Yes, Stephen is still out of practice today. He’s been sick lately. But he’ll be fine." Cole said, "we hope he will recover in the next two days and return to the training ground." (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

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