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CNBC interview well Yin Dong: new technology and globalization will become the focus of investment in the field of ants gold dress Jing Xiandong told CNBC interview: new technology and globalization will become the focus of investment in the field of ant payment service Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on August 31st afternoon, President of ant gold dress well Yin Dong yesterday received the CNBC interview, talking about the future of ant payment service the listing of the mind, and the ant gold suit strategic investment focus. For the current market for the listing of ants clothing gold, Jing Xiandong responded, we will be listed in the future, it will be for the following reasons. We are in the financial sector, so we want to be more transparent, and the listing can increase transparency, the face of the user more transparent, more transparent to investors. In addition, we hope to share with the majority of users. We have hundreds of millions of users, and they enjoy every day with our products, they can also become our investors. Third, we have more money to invest in technology, security and risk control systems and globalization." Prior to this, there are foreign media said the ant gold service will be listed on the overseas market in 2017, and then said there is no listing of ants gold suit. Well Yin Dong said that the Ant King in the field of artificial intelligence, risk management and control capabilities, big data and other fields have made a lot of investment. He also said that globalization is another important area of investment in the ant king. People often compare Apple Pay and Alipay, well Yin Dong said, Apple Pay was in a good position in the market, "they are part of the old payment network. We have great respect for them, and they do change the way consumers are connected and make it better." Jing Xiandong further said that Alipay and Apple Pay using different technology, provides a pure mobile payment model is completely different. Alipay is developing into a lifestyle platform. "You can use Alipay to pay, can see a doctor, pay a fine gauge and so on, or looking for local or O2O services etc.." Jing Xiandong explains the relationship between innovation and regulation. "Need to maintain close communication with regulators to help you understand what you are doing, what risks you will face, and what kind of risk control mechanisms you deploy at all levels. This is very important. From the industry point of view, we know that some of the so-called Internet financial companies do, and even do some bad things, it is necessary for them to strictly regulate. Otherwise, they may create a huge disaster, affect the sustainable development of the whole industry, and harm the interests of consumers." The following is an interview record: Jing Xiandong: we attach great importance to the new technology, the study of artificial intelligence, but also in the field of risk management and control capabilities, big data and other areas to make a lot of investment. We attach great importance to technical ability. At the same time, we put safety in the first place, we must continue to strengthen risk management and control system. This is very important. In addition, globalization is another important area that we need to invest in. CNBC: so, these areas need a lot of input, is the main reason for the ants to consider IPO? Well.相关的主题文章:

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