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[class] maternal confinement move, prevention of thrombosis safe – Sohu health 6~12 months postpartum physical rehabilitation of the critical period, according to a US study pointed out that within half a year back to Mommy fat thin degree of middle-aged women, than to lose weight is small. The former 10 years after the weight gain of 2.4 kg, the latter of 8.3 kg, a difference of 4 times! During pregnancy, weight control is not proper, the intake of nutrients is not proper, the level of postpartum hormones is decreased, and the decrease of metabolism and decomposition of fat is the cause of postpartum recovery. Postpartum body battle confinement period must start from playing! New mothers after childbirth because of abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscle tissues are more relaxed, for the restoration to the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscle strength, and increase the pelvic blood circulation, promote uterine recovery, maintain body and good physique, new mothers should be based on individual physical and wound healing gradually began to practice. The best time of cesarean section mother? After 6 hours, should be supine, after 6 hours of fasting;? Can the side, turn over;? 2-3 days after operation can be properly ambulation;? The wound is not pain, can try to do some postpartum exercise;? Time and amount of exercise can be gradually according to the strength increase. The birth mother postpartum 6-12 hours to get up?. After 1 weeks, you can go to the outdoor activities, not strenuous activities. First Week Kegel: the movement of the birth canal relaxation postpartum restore elasticity, help the uterus recovery, prevent constipation. Methods: new mothers can relax in bed, hands on both sides of the body, palms up, knees bent, legs open about shoulder width, take a deep breath. Inhale slowly tighten the anus and vagina muscles, exhale, slowly relax. Repeat 100 times a day, practice several times a day. The focus of the exercise is to focus your willpower on the anus and vagina, and relax and relax with your breath. As beginners can understand what the anus vaginal tightening, can experience bieniao (i.e. contraction) feeling, practice a few times will be handy. From Second Week (source: Guangzhou maternal and child health care)相关的主题文章:

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