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"Circus king" add beautiful star "mission impossible 5" actress joined Sohu entertainment "mission impossible 5" Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson joined Sohu entertainment news (the Da son) by the famous Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman starred in "circus king" (The Greatest Showman on Earth), today to finalize the play the important role of women: Ferguson had been in the "mission impossible 5" shine in the Swedish actress Rebecca (Rebecca Ferguson), will join the film, and Jackman play. The film also includes other stars had to "my week with Monroe" "blue Valentine" won the best actress Oscar nomination of the Williams faction actress Michel (Michelle Williams), idol star Zach Efron and so on. "Circus king" by "Condon dream girl" director Bill to write the screenplay, directed by Gracie Michael a new director. The film tells the story of a famous circus agent Phineas Taylor Barnum’s life experience. The film was originally planned to be launched in 2010, this year is the 200 anniversary of the birth of St. Paul, but the film was delayed for various reasons. Before entering the circus Barnum business, acrobatic art has emerged, but until the chaos of the Barnum, art forms to be fully integrated together, become a circus art. Like other biographical film, "circus king" is not confined to the protagonist’s career, his personal life and feelings of twists and turns, and it is also an important part of the movie. Hugh Jackman starred in "the circus originator" barnum. Jackman is a dance actor, so in the early years of acting experience in Barnum this will stride. The film heroine is known as the "Swedish Nightingale" opera actress Jeanne lind. "Circus king" is currently in preparation, is expected in 2017 North American Theaters Christmas landing.相关的主题文章:

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