Chou Baoxing former Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing has proposed the State Council to regul-haywire

Chou Baoxing: former Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing has proposed the State Council to regulate the property market – Sohu news to overheating and even "Crazy" to describe is not too much to the Chinese prices, has caused the national high-level think tank with all professionals attention. Housing prices problem: money supply lack of hard constraints in September 21st, the Founder Securities held in Beijing real estate forum, Founder Securities chief economist Zeping Ren pointed out that the current real estate Chinese has shown signs of a bubble, super currency and low interest rates stimulated a new round of housing and land prices, high prices have been absolutely. "The world’s top 12 cities with high prices, China as a developing country accounted for 4 seats. High land prices, residents panic rob room, most of the new loans are loans, which have been released foam signal." According to monitoring data of September 19th Chinese Index Research Institute released, September 12th to September 18th, the 40 main city last week, monitoring the amount of land, an increase of 7%, turnover increased by 16%, the transfer circle ratio increased by 88%, the floor price rose 26%, the opening of the new Beijing commercial housing turnover of 168 thousand and 800 square meters, an increase of 24.30%. Last week, focus on monitoring the housing prices with 13 cases, the total premium of approximately 23 billion 95 million yuan, of which September 12th, Jinmao at total cost of 4 billion 995 million yuan to take the Wuxi Binhu block, Wuxi price refresh record. In addition, the recent rise in prices has been the first wave from the first tier cities, spread to Suzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, the second wave, now Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and Wuxi are set off a wave of panic buying third. Purchase credit limit and could not stop the price jump, it seems contrary to many people’s expectations. In this regard, the industry view is that the factors driving the current round of skyrocketing housing prices is mainly: first, the broad money and credit supply is still high, and there is still a lack of hard constraints; second, policy underestimated the cycle reversal and asset inflation pressure, when deflation is in the end of the meaningless RRR cuts, at the same time significantly reduced for the lead, third new exchange rate reform, add fuel to the flames; the exchange rate is expected to more single, residents in the exchange rate to vote with their feet not sufficient condition, will be more focused more on stealth to panic to vote by foot fourth, inflation; local fiscal revenue growth decline and a new existence of natural contradiction round up infrastructure spending competition situation, land leasing became the only solution. In the State Council, the Ministry of housing and the former Vice Minister Chou Baoxing, the country’s financial sector regulation policy targets are in conflict with the real estate sector is another key reason the overall rise of the drive. Financial regulators allowed Shoufu loans, allowing residents to increase leverage, and soaring prices. "Before the beginning of this year, the National People’s Congress, I wrote a letter to the principal leaders of the State Council, said one thing is the down payment loan. At that time the top of the loan to pay a very intense debate. Some people think that P2P is a new thing, you can slow down, take a look, some people think that this down payment is quite dangerous. Some units said that the first payment is nothing more than a loan agency to provide loans"相关的主题文章:

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