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Chinese tourists are cheating in Israel? The reporter visits – Beijing International Online reports (reporter Sun Lingli, Xu Jia): Recently, 8 Chinese tourists in Israel a dinner to spend nearly 30 thousand yuan of the incident sparked heated debate on the Internet, more media speculation as to the title of Israeli astronomical bills, 8 people eat roast on the 30 thousand. So the Israeli restaurant in the end there is no slaughter of Chinese tourists, the 8 Chinese tourists are not just eat a skewer to spend on the 30 thousand? The 10 reporters went to the restaurant to visit Israel, the restaurant owner denies cheating, feel wronged. The 10 day at 12 noon, reporters from Jerusalem about 20 minutes by car to the nearby village of Arabia Abu village, found the Abu high stone restaurant. Many of the village restaurant, with distinctive hummus is also a famous sauce in Homs, a Guinness world record. Since most of Israel’s restaurants don’t open at noon on Saturday, many Jews come to dinner on the sabbath. Abu stone restaurant is located not far from the village, in a building two floor, decoration is also very simple and clean. Boss Ibrahim said China tourists happened in the dining two months ago, at the time of their restaurant is very satisfied with the service, now suddenly appear in the network accused him of cheating, he was very surprised, but also very wronged, and now his restaurant was affected by this incident, business declined. However, the reporter saw, to eat the day or in a continuous line, there are also many Jews and arabs. The inbound tourism operators association on face book said that the restaurant did not specifically for the Chinese tourist service, but only to provide a private room, restaurant guests in other places still. The restaurant owner pointed out to us at that time for Chinese tourists rooms. The so-called package, and our domestic closed a large room door, not a closed room, but located in the side of a restaurant can be separated by space, which put a few long tables, can accommodate 100 people. The boss said that no matter how many people are going to have a party, they charge the same, whether you are 8 or 100. The other side of the restaurant is still open to other guests, the boss did not deny. The boss said he received a telephone guide 3 at the time of the afternoon, said there is China VIP to eating here, so that they provide the best food and wine, he began to decorate the restaurant since then, the area reserved for Chinese guests, instead of the other guests reception. The boss said that because he is a Muslim, usually there is no wine, so he drove to Tel Aviv in accordance with the requirements to buy 6, 7 bottles of wine. So Chinese tourists arrived at 7, see on the table was set for wine. Chinese tourists drank the most expensive vodka, drank about 4 bottles, and had a good time. In the face of the book, the owner said that the guests ordered 30 kilograms of mutton, referring to the restaurant to the processing of 30 kilograms of lamb into lamb. The boss said it wasn’t a normal dinner, it was a party. They used to have a similar party for the distinguished guests. He said the tour guide was not surprised to see the bill, also did not raise objections, because she.相关的主题文章:

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