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"Chinese Bridge" take you to play through the cool 5D answer the upcoming Chinese Bridge – Sohu entertainment " " take you to play through the   Sohu; entertainment news September 4th night 7:35 Hunan TV fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" World University Games Chinese has aired the first phase of the program, the first phase of the program, regardless of the global top 30 players and mango anchor group competition, a variety of interesting answer God abuse problem or pit fun game cool elaborate choreography let the audience on the "Chinese Bridge" high praise, praise. The "Chinese Bridge" the ultimate fine stage impressed the audience, there is a large screen LED 36 splicing of the entire dance scene, nearly one hundred units of the lighting equipment, to create a very touching visual effect, the scene was light and shadow of the ocean, ten looks cool. In addition to the same set of cool, cool, the second phase of the program and the evening of September 11th 7:35 immediately broadcast in "I come from the 2016 part of the answer" 5D. This link is definitely a big production, huge props with large screen virtual spacecraft technology, field and let you go back to the ancient fantasy, sometimes makes you feel the naked eye amorous feelings is wonderful. This link, players and anchor who boarded the "spaceship" a journey through time and space, "time capsule" and choreography video with seamless, as if exposure to thousands of years ago, the players have exclaimed: "too much fun! Hate not to come again". In addition to the naked eye feel the historical culture, shaking spacecraft has also brought the real "flying experience", saw the spacecraft gradually increased, accompanied by a stunning picture screen space shuttle, shuttle is also swaying, when answering machine shake to great extent, the scene is accompanied by bursts of screaming, players and anchor we have to pay close attention to the railing, as if not careful it will fall into the thousands of years ago in a dynasty, tense and exciting, absolute magic eye, to satisfy your curiosity. The fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" World University Chinese finals second games will be on the night of September 11th 19:35 Hunan TV broadcast, whether the "Chinese Bridge" stage is exquisite, the screen how cool, exactly 30 players with 15 anchor group red mango group which team will win? Please wait.相关的主题文章:

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