China West’s first nuclear power plant in Fangchenggang nuclear power project fully completed in Bei-97179

China West’s first nuclear power plant in Fangchenggang nuclear power project fully completed – Beijing new network in Nanning in November 2, (Li Minjun Huang Suifang) the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people’s Government in November 2nd held a press conference announced that the first stage project of Fangchenggang nuclear power China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group fully completed, one of the two units have been put into commercial operation. According to reports, the Fangchenggang nuclear power project phase two units with improved CGNPC designed CPR1000 pressurized water reactor technology, security technology, mature and reliable. The first unit was officially started construction in July 30, 2010, put into commercial operation in January 1, 2016, unit 2 officially started construction in December 23, 2010, put into commercial operation in October 1, 2016. According to official reports, including Fangchenggang nuclear power, one of the two units this year, Chinese Guangdong Nuclear Power Group has 5 nuclear power generating units into commercial operation, which created a new record in the development of nuclear power Chinese, become another example of Chinese among the nuclear powers of. As a key project development plan Chinese western development and the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, the first phase of the project Chinese West’s first nuclear power plant – Fangchenggang nuclear power plant a number of key equipment for the first time to achieve localization, improve the level of Chinese nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry. Such as the first implementation of nuclear fuel handling and storage system (PMC) and solid waste treatment system (TES) and other equipment localization, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, and promote the further improvement of China’s nuclear power level of autonomy. With the Fangchenggang nuclear power project fully completed, CGNPC has shipped nuclear power has reached 19 units, installed capacity of 20 million 384 thousand kilowatts, continue to maintain Chinese largest and the world’s fifth largest nuclear power operator, in the construction of 9 nuclear power units, installed capacity of 11 million 356 thousand kilowatts, is the world’s largest nuclear power builder. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, deputy director of the Energy Bureau Mai Guifu said, compared with the same scale coal-fired power plant, Fangchenggang nuclear power to reduce annual consumption of 4 million 820 thousand tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions of about 11 million 860 thousand tons, reducing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions of about 190 thousand tons, environmental benefits equivalent to add 32 thousand and 500 hectares of forests, to control greenhouse gas emissions targets, the protection of the ecological environment, protection of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone to play a positive role in power supply. "The treatment facilities of Fangchenggang nuclear power station built radioactive gas and perfect solid and liquid waste and strict environmental monitoring system, not only has its own nuclear power station monitoring, the government of the autonomous region has independent monitoring." For the environmental impact issues of public concern, says Mr Guifu. According to Zhou Jianping, deputy general manager of Fangchenggang nuclear power company, for the tsunami and other natural disasters, Fangchenggang nuclear power is also fully considered. The formation of the tsunami is usually caused by more than 6.5 on the Richter scale earthquake in the deep sea, and in the depth of the sea to reach the level of 1000 meters in the sea is likely to form a larger tsunami. Fangchenggang nuclear power station is located in the northern Gulf waters belong to the edge of the sea, sea water depth of 200 meters, it is difficult to form a massive tsunami. At present, China’s coastal record of tsunami water is 0.51 meters. In addition, the Fangchenggang nuclear power plant in the total plane cloth.相关的主题文章:

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