China Times lifting the Japanese nuclear disaster food Cai Yingwen want to do – new network bleep

China Times: lifting the Japanese nuclear disaster food Cai Yingwen want to do? – Beijing, Beijing, November 15, "Taiwan times" Chinese 15 journal article said, whether to relax the Japanese nuclear disaster area lost food Taiwan, Taiwan administrative department within 3 days to do 10 public hearings, but also pick even a fake announcement on the night before. This kind of brutal practices, clearly afraid to express opposition in people, simply "night" people, let the opposition force be taken by surprise, the original good Guan Shan, this is Cai Yingwen’s humility humility and communication. This is not intended to allow the public to participate in. The article said that the "cross-strait service trade agreement", the Ma Ying-Jeou administration’s economic department and the Land Commission in 2013 4, May to enter the legislative department report 3, 264 representatives and 46 services had also done 118 times the conference, 2014 sent to the legislative department according to the "normal" announcement procedure, do 20 times the public hearing, this is not enough, a sector of the economy during this period in folk held more than 140 seminars, a total of more than 7 thousand and 900 people attended. Japan’s nuclear disaster area food ban transport market in Taipei Taiwan public hearings held in the afternoon of 15, people and the security of physical conflict, chaos. The Central News Agency reporter Cai Yizhu photo this paper pointed out that public hearings, seminars, conference board to do this, Ma Ying-Jeou said the authorities still green opaque, not open, criticized this is "black box". The DPP is known as the "black box" of the service trade, comparing the night announcement, three day visit, the Japanese nuclear pollution area food import hearing wants secretly landing, so Cai Yingwen said not to worry, James Soong met with Andouble for souvenir, who believe that? Analysts said the Fukushima and other places have contaminated food, this is a scientific problem, but Cai Yingwen actually shows the foolhardy, the ruling party is guilty, people strongly questioned the "Cai Yingwen is afraid of what?" "Is there no confidence in food safety in Japan’s nuclear disaster areas, not to accept the inspection?" In other words, even if the Japanese nuclear disaster area food is no problem, the DPP deceiving the public hearing, also can let a person suspect Cai Yingwen wants to go to Japan to exchange her support for public health. The Japanese nuclear disaster area, but also "love enough to harm the" folly, want to take the Japanese ass, backhand in Japan horse leg. (Luo Zhiqiang)相关的主题文章:

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