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Traffic Chinese defense traffic law draft second clear military operations overseas security – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 29 (reporter Ma Haiyan Guo Jinchao Liang Xiaohui) the twelve session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee opened in Beijing on 29. "People’s Republic of China defense traffic law" draft once again brought to the meeting. Two consideration of the draft of the overseas military operations to ensure the safety of traffic. The traffic security of military operations overseas, the draft stipulates that "the state of our country and foreign institutions engaged in international transport business enterprises and foreign institutions, shall be for our country to carry out the international rescue, maritime escort and safeguarding national interests overseas military ships, aircraft, vehicles and personnel assistance supplies, dressing." "The relevant departments of the State shall provide convenience to the personnel and transport vehicles, goods, etc., for the purpose of providing assistance to overseas military operations by institutions and enterprises prescribed in the preceding paragraph." In addition, the civil military integration was written into the draft. The first article of the legislative provisions of the provisions of the increase to promote the integration of military and civilian transport". Article third of the draft is amended as "the state adheres to the development of civil military integration strategy, promote military resource allocation and reasonable sharing, improve the ability of national defense transportation services, peacetime emergency contingency and wartime challenges, promote the coordinated development of economic construction and national defense construction". Draft fourteenth of the second requirements on the preparation of national defense transportation planning to be modified to take into account the needs of economic and social development, highlighting the focus, focusing on efficiency, and promote resource integration and sharing of the second". The draft also defines the defense traffic management system, the provisions of the national defense transportation authorities responsible for planning, organizing, guiding and coordinating the national defense transportation work. The provisions of the State Council and the Central Military Commission shall be formulated by the State Council and the Central Military commission." (end)相关的主题文章:

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