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Chengdu maternity pay 40 thousand service fee for only half of the confinement center "remove floating" – Beijing, Ms Wang: after giving birth to my daughter, I spent 40 thousand yuan, in "my love" confinement center in confinement, who knows he stayed for half a month, I heard the boss run away, even some of the store in the item pool diaper away. Faced with this situation, what should we do? Since the implementation of the two child policy, more and more families ushered in a new life, Ms. Wang is one of the people of Chengdu. Ms. Wang, three women have been another confinement center. 17 days ago, Ms. Wang successfully gave birth to a baby girl. In order to let the baby and you can get better care, she paid 40 thousand yuan service fee, in a company called "my love" confinement center. Originally thought to be able to get better care in the center of the month, but 5 days ago, Ms. Wang has suffered a sudden misfortune: the landlord suddenly came to the door, stopped hydropower confinement center, refrigerator, diapers will disappear without a trace in the ensuing chaos. The landlord told Ms. Wang, confinement center director didn’t pay the rent, the phone has been not contact, "is estimated to run away." Eat 3 days after another takeaway, confinement center Ms. Wang and two other women were rushed to the staff to pick up, the promise will be free for their next month of service. November 10th, Ms. Wang said, her husband on a business trip, and I have no one to take care of the children. Fortunately, there is another kind of confinement center shelter, or really do not know how to do." Home owners hydropower stopped diapers are gone "your baby good today?" "Okay. Someone to take pictures, the baby will be nervous." At noon on November 10th, Chengdu Jincheng Jincheng Avenue near Lake Hotel, the center of a month, Ms. Wang, Ms. Huang Lee walked into the room and chatted over lunch. Half a month, they have removed two confinement center. With 80, are just the birth of a second child, and the first baby snakes, travel and husband are outside, three people have many similarities, but more importantly, the last 5 days, they experienced a roller coaster encounter together, can be described as "Similarly afflicted people pity each other". 17 days ago, Ms. Wang gave birth to her daughter hanghang (a pseudonym), I came to the center of the month, pay 40 thousand yuan service fee, to stay for 1 months. Here, she knew she had a week to stay in Ms. Wong and ms.. 5 at noon, the rest of the room are three people, the lights suddenly out. Then, outside there was a roar, smashing sound. Ms. Wang got out of bed and came to the room, and there were several strangers in the corridor. Into the kitchen, she found a mess, the refrigerator is gone. In the confusion, she heard someone say, "I haven’t paid the rent for many days!" Go back to the room, she found the baby diapers, so called Xiao Song workers, but that the articles stored in diapers will take wings to itself. Wash your hands and the water stops. Xiao Song told her that confinement center house is rent, the landlord did not receive a number of recent housing, and can not contact the confinement center boss, Sichuan相关的主题文章:

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