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Chen Kun: I am also from the "meat" over the Chen Kun power walking public attention into Tibet Chen Kun started "walking" the power of the new Express reported in August 26th August 22nd, 2016 power walking the last second days, all of this day are stationed at camp C5, in the mountains of meditation. Afternoon after the end of the course, Chen Kun also accepted an interview with the new express reporter. Because every year to carry out a dialogue like this, so this year’s topic does not have much to do around the project itself, but rather to talk about the divergence of the brother of the brave and rebellious understanding. This year, the physical age has reached forty years old Chen Kun, admits his mental age is far from the forty. He and the young volunteers and reporters chat animation topic, also from the young people who learn a lot of different values, more to understand that should not be jealous of a little meat, but a good grasp of their own now this age should have. New express: walking power this year has been sixth years, do you think they have been completed in the past six years, what changes? Chen Kun: I will be anxious in the first year, but now I believe in my team. A lot of experience in the accumulation, I am more relaxed. Six years of "walking" is the biggest harvest – I slowly from a person to be taken care of, into a person who can take care of others. I grew up with a sense of responsibility, learning to take care of family, friends and even strangers. This year I came with a humble heart. I used to be lazy and give details to the team, but I have to know every detail of the year. New express: you often say that walking can relax and calm the mind, which is very helpful to the acting. Last year "dragon tactic" you play Hu Bayi when interviewed also said Huang Bo can quickly enter the state in performance, then how did you feel? Will you feel the pressure? Chen Kun: my stress is not from other actors, but from their own. The pressure of a lot of people is from the comparison, but the wisdom of life, know that others are very good, he will know that they have higher requirements. When the brother act has its own rhythm, but his pace is not for me, I need to learn from him how to become a good actor heart. I like the role of Bayi, but at the beginning, I have not found the right direction. I rarely go to the role of the past few years, the performance of the less you will become more and more clean, but there is a disadvantage that the lens and the scene to reduce the pace of communication. A few days ago I made a poster poster of the car, the photographer is my good friend for many years, before I do it soon after the end of the film, but it was a long time can not find state. I used to think that the experience of the past should be put aside, to start again, but I now feel that some things can still be retained, such as the grasp of the lens. Express: you said you rarely take the role now, is now the film market is more and more love with little meat to play the leading role, but the problem is that their performance often leads to negative evaluation of you, what do you think of that? Chen.相关的主题文章:

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