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Chen he upgraded to be a father! The sun baby hands very grateful – Sohu   entertainment; Chen drying out the baby’s hands as     Sohu entertainment news October 23rd night at 8:12, Chen drying out the baby’s hand, issued a document called "thanksgiving", Chen Chichi upgrade when Dad. Sohu entertainment exclusive contact Chen broker informed, Chen, Zhang Zixuan couple who the girl, six pounds 62, birth, baby. Chen He and his wife and his wife through the media to thank the media and friends of the care and blessing of the. Chen Chen after the divorce, Zhang Zixuan was traced licensing. In February, Chen was traced to accompany Zhang Zixuan to check, the parties remain silent. April, Chen was once again witnessed a friend in Shanghai, a hospital accompanied by Zhang Zixuan to do the inspection, inspection results show that Zhang Zixuan has been pregnant. Shortly after, Zhang Zixuan was photographed seems to be pregnant, whether Japan or mother are shopping with loose clothing, foot shoes, like abdominal bulge. Zhang Zixuan right hand ring finger ring eye-catching   before the "eight head" according to Blogger broke the news, Chen took Zhang Zixuan to enjoy life on vacation in Maldives, and thus broke the news: two may Maldives wedding, and settled in Shanghai. Zhang Zixuan in the circle of friends drying out a group of seaside holiday beauty, photos of the ring finger of the right hand eye-catching Zhang Zixuan. Happy laughter with the text said: you and the sea in my eyes. Presumably "you" refers to Chen hyuk! This generous show ring, is an indirect recognition of two licensing? Two people in foreign social networking sites are drying out of the ring, another insider said Zhang Zixuan was pregnant, November birth, the second half of the wedding, but also to Zhang Zixuan birthright.相关的主题文章:

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